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by Bobbin Threadbare

Part 8: Maniac Mansion Part 6: Grand Finale

Maniac Mansion Part 6: Grand Finale

At last, the time has come to enter the lab itself and finish the game. We’ll start by opening up all the doors that lead into the secret lab. Dave here is on gargoyle duty.

Razor’s been hanging out in the dungeon with the rusty key, so she can open that one easy.

This door may be double padlocked, but fortunately both open to the glowing key.

The inner door is where the high score comes in. While it may be a stretch to assume that the high score is the code for this door, by now the “Fred playing Meteor Mess” cut scene has played 4-5 times, so you had to have figured it was important by this point.

5858, and in we go.

Also, no saving once you reach the lab. This becomes an issue after we get past this first room.

Assuming we can get past Purple Tentacle here.

Dr. Fred isn’t paying me for nothing! To the dungeon, intruder!

And this time I’ll make sure you won’t get out!

Purple locks all the dungeon doors on his way out, meaning that I have to open them all up again.

Anyway, the next step requires repairing the giant, antique ham radio in Dr. Fred’s room. It’s lacking a vacuum tube, which we can find in this old-timey radio down on the first floor.

Just so. Oh yes, and let’s finally bother to read that wanted poster on the wall there.

“If found, call 1138.” You know, an evil meteor might just be what’s making Dr. Fred do all these nasty things!

Let’s see, wide band...frequency 1138 kHz...gosh, I hope this works.

The screen pans right, and just offscreen...

What, really? Thank goodness! I believe I know the location of a meteor on your wanted charts.
Just give us the description, sir.
Description? Oh! Right, I believe it is the murderous, slimy purple meteor. It’s hidden in the secret underground lab of the mansion I’m calling from. Here, let me get you the address...
You found the murderous purple meteor? I’ll be there in 5 minutes! Oh, and make sure the lab is unlocked.

...keep it under light speed!

Oh boy, I can’t wait!

I really don’t know why they make you wait 5 minutes for this, since doing it properly means that you’ve had to do almost everything you possibly could in the mansion; in fact, once the meteor cop shows up and the lab doors are open, there are only two items left that you need to complete the game. Anyway, after a 5-minute eternity passes...

the meteor policeman makes half of my preparations pointless by teleporting directly into the dungeon.

You’re coming with me, crater-head!

Rats, I was hoping he’d at least land the ship so I could ask some questions! Hang on, did he drop his badge here? Neat!

It’s all his fault, I’m innocent! He’s right in there...get him...arrest him...kill him. He’s mad...I’ll help you. I’m your friend, you can trust me.

Wow, that Purple fellow just completely flipped out. Hang on now, what’s in this periscope here?

Oh my. Well, no time for such things now.

As of entering the second area of the secret lab, there isn’t much time to do things. As such, it’s pretty much best just to ignore Dr. Fred completely and prepare for your last few actions.

The meteor might be gone, but his residual radiation remains. As such, even Bernard needs to don the radiation suit to get into the next area safely.

I’m arming the self-destruct mechanism. Only I know the secret code to stop it!

Fred is quite right about being the only person who knows this last code. As such, the way to save everyone is a bit different from finding a set of four numbers. Instead, we can use the card key from Weird Ed’s room and open the last door on the right.

Once there, it’s an easy guess as to which lever to throw.

I should add that, since none of the other kids have the sense or ability to call the cops, there’s normally a sequence after this one where you would grab the meteor, toss it in the trunk of the rocket-boosted car, and hand Ed the key so he can go deliver the thing to the authorities himself. But calling in the meteor police and watching the little dude storm through the lab is so much more awesome, isn’t it?

I feel much better now! I’m free of this machine’s control!

The self-destruct sequence was initiated! I’ll try to turn it off.

How can I ever repay you for your help?
Cash would be nice!!

Wah wah wah waaaaaaah.

The end.

But wait!

What happens if Dave didn’t make it? There are quite a few ways to die in this mansion, after all.

How can I repay you for what I’ve done?

Creepy. Well, that’s it for Maniac Mansion. I hope I still have some of your attention after this unannounced interruption. Stay tuned for the second half of your regularly scheduled Day of the Tentacle.