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Original Thread: Let's Grab Some Junk and Beat Off (A Zombie): Dead Rising 2! (Co-Op VLP)

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Open yourself up in Fortune City!

Game Overview

Dead Rising 2 is a freeroam dress-up game released in 2010, developed by Capcom in partnership with Blue Castle Games. It also features zombies and ludicrous amounts of duct tape. Set five years after the events of the original Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 follows our hero Whitey McGrimChin Chuck Greene, as he attempts to uncover the mysteries of the zombie outbreak in Fortune City (basically an amusement park for grown ups). Along the way he'll rescue survivors, eat food, drink drinks, wear all sorts of fancy outfits, as well as trying to score some drugs for his daughter, Katey. She has been infected, and will die without regular doses of the controversial medicine, Zombrex.

Dead Rising 2 improved upon the original in just about every way imaginable, from the combat, to the save system, to the best feature of all, CO-OP. Joining me will be my friend and former Enslaved: Odyssey to the West cohost, Skoolmunkee! She doesn't know anything about the game, and I'd like her to experience the silliness of the story as we play it.

Another new feature in Dead Rising 2 is the Combo system. If you see an item with a wrench icon, it can be combined with another item with the wrench icon at the various workbenches scattered throughout Fortune City. Some of these items are fairly simple, like the Spiked Bat, but they get crazy. Very crazy. Please don't spoil them for Skoolmunkee or anyone who hasn't seen them. We'll be crafting all of the Combo weapons throughout the game, and I'll have a list of them in the Notebook.

LP Details

Me and Skoolmunkee are going to show off every single Combo weapon, as well as the different endings. Most of the videos are going to be in Co-Op, with me and Skoolmunkee providing live commentary, but some bonus videos and things like that will have to be done in post. Also worth noting is that we're going to be talking over cutscenes for the most part. We're not going to do it excessively, but the story is not very important and is also very silly. There are also subtitles in the videos!

Also, before we head into Dead Rising 2 proper, I suppose I should talk about Case Zero before anyone gets confused! Dead Rising 2: Case Zero was a demo/DLC released about a week before Dead Rising 2 came out, and it serves as a sort of sampler of what you'll find in the full game. It's sort of like a paid demo, but there's a little more substance to it than that. You'll see what I mean in the videos. There's no co-op in Case Zero, so it'll be post commentary before we get to the main game.

After Dead Rising 2 comes Case West, a standalone epilogue released a while after Dead Rising 2. It continues from Ending A of the main game and stars Chuck Greene and Frank West as they try to exonerate Chuck.

Every video has an accompanying Notebook post, which is where you can find detailed pictures and descriptions of all the Combo Cards and Survivors Skoolmunkee and I find throughout the game. These Notebook posts have been drawn lovingly by Skoolmunkee herself, and they're pretty cute. So look at 'em, would ya?

Table of Contents

Case Zero

1. Daddy Can Fix AnythingUpdate PostVideo
2. Crazy DickUpdate PostVideo
3. Move ItUpdate PostVideo
4. Zombo Zappin'Update PostVideo
5. Bonus StuffUpdate PostVideo

Dead Rising 2

1. Skipping SconesUpdate PostVideo
2. This Is DumbUpdate PostVideo
3. Absolutely FantasticUpdate PostVideo
4. Eat Those Trash SnacksUpdate PostVideo
5. Ride The ThunderUpdate PostVideo
6. Two Dads Looking For FunUpdate PostVideo
7. Vehicular ManslaughterUpdate PostVideo
8. ParadoxesUpdate PostVideo
9. ROARUpdate PostVideo
10. Back to the FutureUpdate PostVideo (Pt 1)
Video (Pt 2)
11. The DivorceUpdate PostVideo
12. Nothing Can Stop The BurgUpdate PostVideo
13. Drill BrosUpdate PostVideo
14. CoconutsUpdate PostVideo
15. PunsUpdate PostVideo
16. ButtahUpdate PostVideo
17. Butt PastaUpdate PostVideo
18. ComplicationsUpdate PostVideo
19. Helpful SatanUpdate PostVideo
20. M'LadyUpdate PostVideo
21. Deal With ItUpdate PostVideo
22. Structured PlaytimeUpdate PostVideo
23. See SawUpdate PostVideo
24. Just Do ItUpdate PostVideo
25. Hello ChopperUpdate PostVideo
26. ComedyUpdate PostVideo
27. Substance AbuseUpdate PostVideo
28. Down to BusinessUpdate PostVideo
29. HandcuffsUpdate PostVideo
30. Part TimeUpdate PostVideo
31. Full TimeUpdate PostVideo
32. OvertimeUpdate PostVideo
33. Bonus StuffUpdate PostVideo

Case West

1. SegueUpdate PostVideo
2. FreakyUpdate PostVideo
3. FridayUpdate PostVideo
4. ScienceUpdate PostVideo
5. ChemicalsUpdate PostVideo
6. High FiveUpdate PostVideo

Welcome to Katey's Korner! This is where all of the fanart and stuff goes!

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

(art by Skoolmunkee)

Daddy dresses funny.
He's good at building and fixing stuff, too!
One time he almost forgot my Zombrex!
He has OJ every morning!
My backpack that has all my markers in it!

Dead Rising 2

(art by Skoolmunkee)

Daddy drives motorcycles to get Zombrex.

(art by Kojiro)

My two dads are always jokin' around!
Katey makes a deal with the devil.

(art by XavierStudios)


(art by Action Tortoise)

Alcoholism Bonus!
So that's what those are.

(art by McKilligan)

Do you like hurting zombies?

(Gifs by Geop)

Shocking hit and run, caught on tape!
...and the home of the brave.
Oh Leon
Tiki Ted is unimpressed.
"Hey! Oh... Uh... I'll come back later."
Zombrex Quest
Don't be a poor sport, Chuck.
What Skoolmunkee deserves for those puns.
I still can't believe she actually hit that.
Hey guys, what's goin' on?

(Video by Geop)

Chuck Greene, newest member of Police Squad! (Contains spoilers for Dead Rising 2)

Dead Rising 2: Case West

(Gifs by Geop)

I don't have time for your shit, Frank.
One heck of a party

(art by Skoolmunkee)

Thanks for watching, everybody. (1080p version)
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