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Original Thread: When There's No Room In Hell, The Dead Will Walk The Earth - Dead Rising 3

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Dead Rising 3 is the third full installment in the Dead Rising series, developed by Capcom Vancouver and released in November of 2013 as a launch title for the Xbox One. While very similar to the other Dead Rising titles, the visual style has been subdued and some game mechanics have been changed to make the game feel very "next gen". Still, it's a fun game to play and it continues the series' crazy Capcom story.

As a launch title, effort was made so that Dead Rising 3 would utilize the extra features that the Xbox One had available. The game has some Kinect functionality, which thankfully are mostly novel gimmicks and are never mandatory. It also has the best Smartglass integration that I've seen so far. The Smartglass companion includes simple things like a map and character bios, but also includes exclusive side missions and some much more interesting features. The game also has 4 DLC campaigns to further flesh out the events of Dead Rising 3. I will be doing my best to show all this content at some point during the LP.

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Video 00 - Dead Rising and The Story So FarYouTubePolsy
Video 01 - Los PerdidosYouTubePolsy
Video 02 - A Little Bit Of EverythingYouTubePolsy
Video 03 - Implausible VehiclesYouTubePolsy
Video XX - Zombies Don't Like RampsYouTubePolsy
Video 04 - Cell Phones, Chainsaws, and Tarot CardsYouTubePolsy
Video 05 - Exploring IngletonYouTubePolsy
Video 06 - The GraveyardYouTubePolsy
Video 07 - DLC - Chaos Rising Part 1YouTubePolsy
Video 08 - DLC - Chaos Rising Part 2YouTubePolsy
Video 09 - DLC - Chaos Rising Part 3YouTubePolsy
Video XX - The Thrasher's Secret WeaponYouTubePolsy
Video 10 - Neighbors, Nerds, and Traffic WizardsYouTubePolsy
Video 11 - Boys Blowing Up My PhoneYouTubePolsy
Video 12 - The Clothes Make The ManYouTubePolsy
Video 13 - First Date JittersYouTubePolsy
Video 14 - Weird and Dangerous FixationsYouTubePolsy
Video 15 - Exploring South AlmudaYouTubePolsy
Video 16 - Police BrutalityYouTubePolsy
Video 17 - DLC - Fallen Angel Part 1YouTubePolsy
Video 18 - DLC - Fallen Angel Part 2YouTubePolsy
Video 19 - DLC - Fallen Angel Part 3YouTubePolsy
Video 20 - Unethical Business PracticesYouTubePolsy
Video 21 - A Glutton For PunishmentYouTubePolsy
Video 22 - When A Plan Comes TogetherYouTubePolsy
Video 23 - The Price of Gas These DaysYouTubePolsy
Video 24 - DLC - Operation Broken Eagle Part 1YouTubePolsy
Video 25 - DLC - Operation Broken Eagle Part 2YouTubePolsy
Video 26 - Succulent WienersYouTubePolsy
Video 27 - I Want To BelieveYouTubePolsy
Video 28 - Exploring Central CityYouTubePolsy
Video 29 - Let This Be A Normal Field TripYouTubePolsy
Video XX - A Guided Museum TourYouTubePolsy
Video 30 - Brought To You By Carl's JrYouTubePolsy
Video 31 - Deadbeats and DivasYouTubePolsy
Video 32 - The Other Plot ThickensYouTubePolsy
Video XX - Combo Food MixologyYouTubePolsy
Video 33 - Breaking And EnteringYouTubePolsy
Video 34 - Nick And The No Good, Very Bad DayYouTubePolsy
Video 35 - Suckerpunch 2YouTubePolsy
Video 36 - Reunion And RetrospectionYouTubePolsy
Video 37 - Exploring Sunset HillsYouTubePolsy
Video 38 - The Ultimate SolutionYouTubePolsy
Video XX - Gaining Experience and Levelling UpYouTubePolsy
Video 39 - Damsels In DistressYouTubePolsy
Video 40 - Daddy IssuesYouTubePolsy
Video 41 - Alternate EndingsYouTubePolsy
Video 42 - DLC - The Last Agent Part 1YouTubePolsy
Video 43 - DLC - The Last Agent Part 2YouTubePolsy
Video 44 - DLC - The Last Agent Part 3YouTubePolsy
Video 45 - DLC - The Last Agent Part 4YouTubePolsy
Video XX - Things I MissedYouTubePolsy
Video XX - Boss Fights and CutscenesYouTubePolsy

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