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Original Thread: Stompin' shit and cat scares: Let's Play Dead Space 2



What's that you hear in the corridor? The skittering feet of a deformed, mutated and demonic horde necromorphs or possible it's the screams of the dying as they are torn asunder by the encroaching masses....or perhaps it's just a stomping boot of one isolated and lonely space engineer making his way through the swath of danger and theological intrigue. Nope, it's just a singular intrepid forums poster doing his best to bring you the sequel to EA's horror action hit, known as Dead Space 2. Released in January of 2011, by original Dead Space creators Visceral Games, Dead Space 2 continues to follow the exploits of Isaac Clarke as he attempts to stay alive and keep all of humanity from falling under the psychotic pull of the Marker or turning into bloodthirsty Necromorphs. Now if the idea of a Marker or Necromorphs doesn't make sense to you then please go watch the linked LP of the first game. Or if that is too much trouble then I can give a very brief summary of the first game.

Isaac hasn't heard from his girlfriend in a long while whose been working on a mining vessel out in space. He hops on board a rescue operation to the vessel and once there finds that everything is quite shit and full of monsters and suicidal people. Throw into the mix a crazy church that worships an alien artifact known as the Marker, a government that has been harnessing the Marker for it's own evil purposes, and a corrupt mining company that is not wanting to hurt it's profit by revealing that it might have unleashed said Marker or is actually working in league with said crazy cult...and well Isaac deals with it the best he can. Which mostly includes being yelled at, bossed around, and nearly killed at every step of the way. Which leads us to the current state of Dead Space 2; Isaac is supposedly far away from the Marker, the necromorph invasion seemed to be stopped, and currently Isaac is committed (probably for trying to tell his alien paranoia government conspiracy story). The problem is that there are suddenly necromorphs everywhere and Isaac is thrown back into the fray yet again to remain alive and be hounded by his dead girlfriend/guilt. But the game will do a better job than my words, so onto the videos.

Dead Space 2: Severed is a two-chapter downloadable content pack (DLC) for Dead Space 2. The game takes place on the Sprawl and follows the story of Gabe Weller and Lexine Murdoch. The DLC was released on March 1 in the U.S. and March 2 in Europe on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network for 560 Microsoft points and $6.99/€6.99 respectively.

It is set three years after Dead Space Extraction and happens alongside Dead Space 2.

Gabe Weller
Gabriel Weller was a P.C.S.I. Security Sergeant who was stationed aboard the USG Ishimura during the Necromorph outbreak, and is a survivor of the second Aegis VII incident. He was also a veteran of the Resource Wars. Weller was sent to the mining colony Aegis VII on a body retrieval mission. Following the events on Aegis VII, Gabe became a security officer with the rank of sergeant on The Sprawl and subsequently married Lexine Murdoch. Weller served there for three years before the Necromorph outbreak occurred.

Lexine Murdoch (Weller)
Lexine Murdoch Weller was a surveyor on the Aegis VII colony, and is a survivor of the second Aegis VII incident, the Ishimura and the Sprawl outbreak. Lexine was on the Sprawl during its infestation, along with her husband, Gabe Weller who was a security guard at the station. While she was at Titan Memorial Medical Center getting the results in of her pregnancy, Gabe was in Titan Mines along with two other security teams to handle extreme threat. Little did they know that newly formed Necromorphs had infiltrated the mines as the Outbreak begins

Victor Bartlett
Col. Victor Bartlett is a security officer on the Sprawl, acting as Gabe Weller's superior.

The Twitcher
Twitchers are Necromorphs created from hosts equipped with stasis modules. They are first encountered in the ruins of the USM Valor, and later spread into the USG Ishimura. They additionally appear on Aegis VII and on the Sprawl in the Dead Space 2 DLC Dead Space 2: Severed.

(thank you Mezurya for the videos and description)
Rather than have your usual deathmatch, capture the flag, etc multiplayer, Dead Space 2 goes with the Versus approach. Each map has two rounds where one team will play as humans and the other as Necromorphs. After the first round is over, the teams switch. The humans' mission is to complete a list of objectives within a time limit. The Necromorph's objective: stop them. The round goes to the humans if they succeed in doing all of their objectives, and the round goes to the Necromorphs if the timer goes to zero. Simple enough.

Kills in this game to not count towards score, they only go towards a player's experience, so some players decide to work together to win the round, while others decide to play solo and rank up xp like the pricks they are. Teams usually get a large xp bonus if their team wins.

There is only one game mode in Dead Space 2, and only five maps, which are usually beat in around ten minutes each. This, sadly, means that you literally see all that Dead Space 2's multiplayer has to offer in the course of an hour (which is spread out with a leveling system).

The leveling in this game is not that great. Every few rounds you'll unlock a new palette swap costume, a shiny new doohickey for your gun, or a damage boost as a Necromorph. The boosts aren't too significant though, I've seen a level 5 take on a level 60 and last about as well as anyone else would. Unless this is the only game you own, you probably won't play past level 15.

That all being said, this mode is actually pretty fun; it's just too damn short.

Isaac Clarke is a systems engineer working for the Concordance Extraction Corporation and is the main protagonist of the Dead Space series. Prior to the Aegis VII incidents, he was part of an emergency response unit of the USG Kellion that was sent to the USG Ishimura to investigate and handle the ship's problems. Apparently the sole survivor of the incident, Isaac became stranded in space for a long period of time before he was rescued by an EarthGov ship. Three years after those events, Isaac was held in an asylum on Titan Station and was diagnosed with having several mental disorders, the most prominent being post-traumatic stress disorder and paranoid schizophrenia that result in haunting illusions that taunt him throughout the game.

Franco Delille was a technician working aboard the Sprawl (space prison) and one of the survivors of the initial Necromorph outbreak. He is also the first victim shown in Dead Space 2. Prior to the initial Necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl, Franco was ordered by his superior, Weaver, to head over to a CEC facility to repair a malfunctioning door, later assisted voluntarily by CDP Officer Sarah Anderson, his secret girlfriend. The duo eventually had to undergo various repair missions.

Daina Le Guin is a mysterious female character who sends her brother after Franco Delille encounters Isaac Clarke in his stasis pod and frees him, Franco is killed, so Daina decides to directly contact Isaac, offering her assistance and promising to cure him of his dementia. Daina also mentions having a brother in a message to Isaac.

Nolan Stross was a scientist who appeared in Dead Space: Aftermath and Dead Space 2. Nolan Stross was the highest ranking scientist amongst the crew of the USG O'Bannon and was the only one to know of the true intentions of the mission. Nolan was to wait for a team of engineers to find a fragment from the Red Marker and observe it. Once the fragment was in his possession he began to grow more and more obsessed over it. Eventually it revealed its secrets to him and with this he began to fall into madness. With his mind failing him, he snuck into the Medical Wing to find a dead body, and with this act he doomed the ship and its crew.

Ellie Langford is an employee of the Concordance Extraction Corporation and one of the survivors of the Necromorph outbreak aboard the Sprawl. Though young, Ellie seems reluctant to trust anyone after having been betrayed earlier by other individuals and thus relies on her own. She is a Class 4 heavy equipment pilot for the CEC. During the Necromorph outbreak aboard the Sprawl, Ellie managed to fend off several Necromorphs until she was found by Isaac Clarke. It appeared that she was trying to reach the Government Sector, the location of the Site 12 Marker.

Hans Tiedemann was the highest civil authority present on Titan Station at the time of the Necromorph outbreak. A letter from him found later in the game lists his position as Director of Operations aboard the station. Repeating videos of him can be seen in certain areas of the station, urging its residents to evacuate, and declaring martial law. Graffiti covered posters of him can also be seen, indicating that he was not well loved among the station's population, the Unitologist portion of it anyway. He is Isaac Clarke's primary human antagonist throughout the game, and he utilizes numerous automated subsystems as well as teams of Security Officers to halt Isaac's progress throughout the Sprawl.

Slashers are the most common form of Necromorphs encountered in the Dead Space universe. While relatively weak when alone, and possessing slow reflexes, Slashers can pose a serious threat when in groups. Created from a single human corpse, the Slasher is one of the most interesting and varied of the recombinant organisms one might encounter. This variation is best brought attention to by the creature's most distinguishing feature: its slashing arms. These limbs are sometimes created by mutating existing limbs, lengthening and reinforcing them, driving a long, heavy blade through the palm. In others the slashing arms are entirely new appendages sprouting from the shoulder blades, showing utterly alien bone and ligaments (the band-like structures that attach bones to each other and bones to muscle) wrapped around with specifically overdeveloped musculature. Like an alligator jaw, in both types these limbs are strongest moving only in certain directions: along the inward sweep and downward stroke. This makes the attacking blow devastating, and any grasping hold initially unbreakable, however unless quickly disabled a victim can easily break free and even retaliate. For this reason, grappling Slashers are quick to strike for the neck, tearing into vital blood vessels.

The Puker is a Necromorph introduced in Dead Space 2. It is somewhat similar in appearance to the Slasher except that the Puker retains full use of its arms, and does not have elongated blades sprouting from its palms. The Puker's body keeps the general shape of its human host, however, its legs are twisted into a single one and intestines and nerves grow from the creature's side to form a second leg. Its fingers combine into three long claws on each hand. Its eyes are nothing but holes, its jaw melted and fused with its neck, freezing its face in a hollow, blank stare. On its torso, its lungs are clearly visible and yellow, storing a limited quantity of bile to be used at a moments notice, much like how the Infector carries its infectious sludge. What remains of the flesh on the Puker's body is hanging loosely around its body. The creature's constant messy expulsion of caustic fluids has melted away its facial features and the skin and muscle tissue of its torso, revealing its intestines.

The Tripod is a large three-legged Necromorph form. The front two legs appear to have been arms, which may have been made from several different humans. Tripods are extremely violent, even by Necromorph standards. They attack Isaac with little to no regard of their health, though the Female did flee when its tongue was damaged. They both have a similar body structure, including a bladed tongue, but there are several differences. The first Tripod Isaac encounters tries to reach and kill him even when both its arms are severed. It tears up a Tram car before attacking, possibly taking damage even before the fight, but still continues to rush Isaac. They attack regardless of terrain, even smashing through pillars or other obstacles just as a Brute would.

In appearance, Infectors look like headless bats made from dead human material. The strange winged Infector acts as the fastest vector for the contagion, only attacking or defending itself when it cannot find any hosts to infect. Apparently created from human torsos and legs, its wings are formed by a flap of skin from the chest and then fused between the former host's bent and broken legs. The jaw collapses within the body and the rest of the head breaks and twists into its proboscis and feelers and with the spine providing support and attachment points for articulation (movement). All non-essential musculature, fat, and organs have been removed, owing to its bony appearance along the back. This biomass is likely used to produce the infectious agent the creature administers with its proboscis. This limb, made from mutated bone, muscle, and spinal tissue is the delivery mechanism used to infect potential hosts. This is done by enveloping the host in its wings, extending the proboscis from the spinal cavity, and then stabbing it into the skull to inject a yellow fluid stored in an internal bladder. In any room with the remains of crew members, these are the beasts that should be taken down quickly before you get overrun with newly created Necromorphs.

Leapers are Necromorphs with the ability to leap long distances toward their prey. Sporting a long scythe-tipped tail made from the victim's intestines and legs, along with razor-sharp fangs, they are extremely deadly foes. More agile than Slashers, they're some of the fastest enemies Isaac will encounter. Leapers appear to be made from intact human corpses, and the extent of their transformation is both minimal and extensive. The arms are virtually left untouched, showing only claws and a slight over-development in the bicep muscles and a lengthening of the lower limbs. The legs are completely re-shaped: flayed, fused together, and lengthened into a single limb tipped with a scything blade of considerable weight and durability, which resembles a scorpion's stinger tail. This extremity is flexible in the extreme, able to scrunch and coil into about a third of its original length and launch the creature at victims at high speed. Considering that it shows no signs in an internal bone structure to push off of, this hints at a tremendous strength. The fore cranial and sinus areas of the skull appears to have been dis-articulated (detached) from the neck, the jaws both upper and lower being mutated and providing the only real attachment points. The upper sets of teeth are completely gone along with most of the palette reaching back into the throat. In their place is a pair of multi-jointed appendages that bear a striking resemblance to the main offensive limbs of Slashers. The lower jaw is split into two curved mandibles ending in knife-like fangs. There is a slight lengthening of the vertebral ridges, and the flexibility of the spinal column is increased to help in locomotion.

The Pack refers to a group of Necromorphs that attacks its prey using overwhelming numbers. These are one of the few Necromorphs created from the bodies of children. To say that the Pack is made up of individuals is not entirely correct. Rather, they act as a predatory gestalt where each member works with others surrounding it to act as a greater whole. Only in very rare occasions are these Necromorphs ever encountered one at a time. Compared to other Necromorphs, the extent of mutation invested in each member of the Pack is minimal, showing a certain economy of recombination not before encountered. Made from intact, largely undamaged adolescent corpses, the Pack still shows signs of how it died, with the abdominal injuries ripped open and the dessicated, colorless skin. The thumb and fingers are fused together, resulting in three fingers on each hand (six total), and are reinforced and lengthened into stiff, bony claws suitable for slashing, rending, and stabbing. Beyond the previously mentioned changes, there are few other major transformations, and the disfigurement around the mouth, nose, and eyes looks to have stopped before it was fully formed.

Swarmers are tiny Necromorphs that appear to be composed only of re-animated bits of flesh that attack in large numbers and attempt to latch onto Isaac and overwhelm him. These little critters can overwhelm you easily. They are a minor threat, but if 6 or 7 get on you they will drain your health quickly. A swarm moves in a coordinated, general direction; they will never break off from the group, which makes them easier to track down in the long run. Swarmers can jump a considerable distance despite their small size. The moment one (or several) latch on to your back, you should shake them off as soon as possible as health can be drained at an alarming rate should more than one Swarmer get onto your back.

The Stalker is a Necromorph that attacks its prey by means of flanking and group tactics. They approach slowly and quietly in order not to be discovered whilst they get closer, making them harder to notice. They are first encountered in Chapter 4 of Dead Space 2, and they are the only Necromorph strain partially made out of animal remains. Stalkers bear long talons ending in dangerous tips. While not efficient at slashing, they can still impale, knock down, and rend their victims. The ribcage is spread wide open, though as with most Necromorphs, there is a lack of any digestive organs, and only vestigial remains of previously vital organs. Well maintained musculature in the limbs and back lead to a reinforced spinal column and neck capped by the creature's most distinguishing feature. The skull is largely exposed, sporting a thick skull cap covered in bony protrusions to aid in crushing and bashing. The upper jaw and nasal cavities are left largely intact, while the cranial dome is squashed down to provide a more even, durable striking surface, which is further supported by the cheek bones. Unlike many Necromorphs, this highly mutated skull is the hardest point on the creature, but also the point of an instantly fatal dismemberment.

The Lurker is the recombinatant result of the Necromorph infection on the bodies of the infant-like organ banks used in biological prosthetic procedures. Out of all the reanimated and recombined forms within the known catalog of encountered Necromorphs, the Lurker is by far one of the most disturbing, and in a very real sense is also one of the most extensively mutated. Lacking both the coordination and ready muscle mass demanded to efficiently kill, the mass-produced infants transformed into Lurkers are treated more like a lump of biomass than an existing template around which the pathogen recombines an offensive form. It is through a slit in the lower back of the skin covering that the most alien feature of the Lurker is to be found. Tucked in the former pelvic area, coiled like snakes, are a trio of long, ropey tentacles. Like the limbs associated with movement, these extreme extremities are strong and flexible, able to whip around and bring their barbs lashing down upon anything foolish enough to get close. More, the tentacles are able to launch barbs at high speed and accuracy, making the Lurker a ranged threat.

The Tormenter is a large six legged Necromorph that is composed of multiple corpses and can be recognized by its two huge arms that resemble a Leaper and huge legs that resemble a Divider. The Tormenter is a large, brutish Necromorph with a similar look to a Brute-Tripod, but with the head twisted so large sets of teeth portrude from the top of the mouth and a pair of mandibles on the sides of its mouth in place of a jaw. Towards where the neck and the body meet are a set of tusk like apendages. The neck appears somewhat long and very flexible. If one looks close enough at the head of the Tormenter, a human face can be distinguished. The Tormenter has two large 'arms' that are heavily armored like the backside of the body, and a pair of smaller slasher blade like arms. It also appears to have no spine on its back with just an opening with spikes jutting from the sides. The entire underside consists of an 'opening' lined with spikes.

Pregnants are one of the larger breeds of Necromorphs encountered in the Dead Space universe. They are named as such due to the enormous sac that extrudes from their abdomens, the contents of which are other, smaller forms of Necromorphs which burst forth when the sac is damaged. The skull's lower jaw has been detached, and what appear to be tentacles hang loose from the mouth, giving the head a slight resemblance to that of a Divider. The creature sports two improvised arms coming out from its back, each ending in a large bone scythe, used to slash and rend an opponent in the same manner as Slashers do. The host's human arms, are now fused onto the massive sac that has developed on the torso. This sac, the Pregnant's distinctive characteristic, is unique, in that it actually hosts other smaller forms of Necromorphs inside it. From the sheer size of it, it is obvious that this is a heavy structure, further emphasized by the fact that it is held into position by cordage of flesh. According to X-rays of patients, the sac is the first necromorphic structure developed on the human body that is going to turn into a Pregnant.

The Cyst is an immobile Necromorph appearing in Dead Space 2 that appears to grow on the Corruption, denying anyone from moving through its immediate vicinity. It is capable of excreting living bombs that will explode when they hit the floor or an object, damaging anything that comes within its radius while killing itself in the process. The Cyst acts more like an organic proximity mine since it has also been observed to throw its explosive sac out when a Necromorph gets too close to it, killing its own. Little is known about these Necromorphs beyond the fact that they are capable of releasing organic pods that explode, and that these pods can be picked up before they land with Kinesis and launched back at the Cysts.

The Crawler is one of two Necromorphs formed from infants, the other being the Lurker. Crawlers are reanimated babies like the Lurker. A Crawler's skin is the same pasty gray as the Pack's. The torso is grossly enlarged with an organic explosive under its skin. The torso and head are twisted backwards so it can move with the sac pointed upwards. The back legs of the body are fused together, giving the Crawler an almost caterpillar-like style of movement. The Crawler combines the Lurker's mobility and the Exploder's lethality. If they are killed without hitting their explosive sac (for example, cutting off the head), their bodies can be picked up using kinesis and used as a weapon against other Necromorphs, similar to the Exploder's explosive sacs. Live Crawlers cannot be picked up using kinesis.

The Brute is one of the strongest Necromorph forms encountered in the Dead Space series. It is a combination of multiple corpses fused together into one large being, and is large, hardy, and extremely violent towards uninfected individuals. One of the most extensively mutated Necromorphs, the Brute possesses an armored, spiked exoskeleton for defense, offense, articulation, and likely serves the creature as its primary support structure as well. Made from calcified skin, these thick, pliable plates hug the head, outer shoulders, forearms, and the anterior surfaces of its hooked legs. Its posterior is relatively weak and devoid of defensive material, and from it sprouts a pair of vestigial-looking arms used for support if one of its main arms is cut off. It is believed that the first Brute was designed by the government using three human corpses and the genetic code of Necromorphs. Craig Markoff named the creature Krax, after one of the corpses used to make it, and used it to kill Michael Altman.

Guardians are Necromorphs that, unlike any other variant of their species (excluding Wheezers and Cysts), completely lack mobility. They are anchored onto walls, their flesh fused together with the Corruption. As a consequence, they cannot actively hunt for prey, however they will instantly kill anything that comes nearby, striking the victim with a lethal scythe-tipped appendage, made from the host's intestines. Guardians are made from a single human body that has been fused together with the Corruption growing on the walls, thus establishing a form of symbiosis. The transformation of the host is quite extensive and both its first and last stages can be witnessed. Despite the severity of the body's condition, it is clear that the host is still clinging onto life, still wailing in pain and agony. This fact further establishes the notion of a symbiotic relationship with the Corruption, as it would be not otherwise possible for a human being to live for so long having sustained so extensive damage.

The Nest is a female Necromorph that takes the form of a tentacle with several pustules, similar to the Exploder. The Nest consists of a female and at least one other body fused back to back, with three fleshy, bulbous "arms" having sprouted from the shoulders of the bodies; the lower sections of its constituent bodies are fused into a mass of flesh which serves to anchor the Nest to a surface, making it a sessile Necromorph similar to the Guardian. Also similar to Guardians, Nests appear to serve an "area denial" function, albeit adapted to act as sentinels in large, open areas without gravity. A third feature shared with the Guardian is that, to kill a Nest, its "arms" must be destroyed, with the rest of its form being invulnerable to damage. If an intruder enters into range (this range being extremely long, at around one kilometer), the Nest immediately emerges from its lower sections and begins thrashing around, releasing swarms of Cyst-like Necromorphs from its arms; these projectiles then proceed to home in on said target, detonating upon contact. After releasing a swarm, the Nest will temporarily enter a refractory period before thrashing its arms once more, the "pause" between swarms lasting approximately five seconds.

A Divider is a tall, thin Necromorph that is strong and tough. Once slain, the head, arms, and legs separate and become independent creatures known as Components or Divider spawn. The Divider sub-sections are very fast and will damage and attempt to strangle a victim, but they are much weaker than the original Divider. The body looks as if it is made up of repurposed muscle to form tentacles that link and when damaged enough, they split off into five parts. The limbs of a body use their tentacles to shift along the floor and walls. The limbs then proceed to jump and attack Isaac, and the head will latch on and try to strangle him. This initiates a rapid button tap sequence. These Necromorphs should be dealt with at range and, once split, dispatched with an explosive weapon, such as the pulse rifle's grenade or the line gun's timed mine.

The 211-V Plasma Cutter, also referred to as the "Plasma Cutter" or simply "the Cutter", is a purpose-built, hand-portable mineral cutter manufactured by Schofield Tools. The Plasma Cutter is one of the miner's primary tools of trade, offering unrivaled reliability in even the most hostile of work environments. The Plasma Cutter delivers a cohesive pulse-stream or "bolt" of ionized plasma medium when fired. It is capable of firing vertically (primary firing mode) and horizontally (secondary firing mode). The Plasma Cutter is very accurate, utilizing three blue laser reticules to indicate the desired cutting plane.

The Line Gun is a wide-beamed slicer with timed mines. It can be purchased for 9,000 credits. Like the Plasma Cutter's secondary fire mode, the Line gun fires a horizontal beam of energy. Like the Plasma Cutter, it is used for cutting down rocks and ore to smaller sizes, though is designed for more heavy duty ore that the Plasma Cutter cannot cut through. Though it's incapable of firing the same rate as the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle, the Line Gun compensates by having a higher damage base rate. Once upgraded, it can cut through several Necromorphs' limbs with one shot. The Line Gun's secondary fire mode is a timed mine. When detonated, the mines explode in a dazzling display of lasers that cut through anything nearby. Drop mines amidst a group of Necromorphs and watch the parts fly.

The Javelin Gun is a survey tool, manufactured by Timson Tools and designed to fire a titanium spike at high speeds, which can be used to impale Necromorphs. Upon firing, the projectile will travel infinitely until it impacts a surface. If an enemy is hit during its flight, it will be pinned to that surface, immobilizing them. The alternate fire mode electrifies the titanium spike, causing electricity to arc off the spike and shock nearby enemies (Or the user, if he/she is too close). The secondary fire can be upgraded to add an explosive effect after the electrical burst.

The SWS Motorized Pulse Rifle is a military-grade triple-barreled assault rifle with a high rate of fire and large ammunition capacity. The firearm is the standard-issue service rifle for EarthGov servicemen and are common among spaceship and space-station security officers. The Pulse Rifle rapidly fires a special ultra-low caliber round at hypersonic speeds out of its triple barrel design. Carrying a tremendous amount of energy, the round is designed to squash or "mushroom" on impact, dissipating its kinetic charge into the target while causing immense localized trauma. Against unarmored targets the effect is immediate and definitive, liquefying soft tissues, and cracking bones. If the target is not killed, it will still become incapacitated due to vascular shock after the wound is suddenly flooded with blood. In dense urban areas where the possibility of mass revolt exists, the Pulse Rifle features a modified launching mechanism that can simulate the destructive effects of a mounted grenade launcher minus many of the risks should it be used in closed environments. 25 Pulse Rounds are "glued" together with an intense electro-gravity impulse charge using technology similar to the normal accelerators.

Designed to hack and slice through solid rock, the RC-DS Remote Control Disc Ripper is an extremely dangerous tool. In less skilled hands, it's an accident waiting to happen, ejecting incredibly sharp diamond-coated tungsten blades at up to 17,000 RPM to cut through anything in front of it. The Ripper is an industrial saw that can shred through just about anything. Its rounds are actually small radial blades that shoot out and then spin at a distance. After firing off a round, the blade will spin at a distance connected by a miniature gravity tether. You can then direct the blade by aiming your Ripper wherever you want it to go. Not only does the Ripper act as a shredder, but it can also act as a buffer between you and approaching Necromorphs while in close quarters. The secondary function fires a single blade as a projectile that can slice through multiple enemies. Both the primary and secondary functions of the Ripper use one unit of ammo.

The Detonator is a weapon in Dead Space 2 that fires sensor-tripped charges onto any surface, whether it be the floor, wall, or ceiling. Anyone or anything that crosses the sensor beam will cause the mine to explode. The Detonator is described as a trip mine that can be placed onto almost all types of terrain. Once placed, the Detonator would activate a narrow three-laser trip mine. If the lasers are disturbed, the trip mine will detonate and kill / severely damage any one within the blast radius. If the Detonator's mine is not detonated, it can be picked back up after arming to be used at a later time (use the Alt-Fire function while aiming). Some players also use the Detonater as a grenade launcher, similar to the alt-fire of the Pulse Rifle.

The Seeker Rifle is a powerful sniper rifle capable of delivering long-range fire. It can sever limbs if properly aimed and can pull off headshots, leaving Necromorphs swinging around blindly while you fire away. Its secondary function provides an enhanced zoom, thus allowing even greater precision and damage. A fully upgraded Seeker Rifle is one of the best things you can use against the final boss, second to only the Contact Beam in terms of effectiveness. Zoom in and take two shots (three shots on Hardcore), and its vulnerable.

The industrial PFM-100 Hydrazine Torch Flamethrower uses liquid hydrazine to produce an intense flame, between 500 and 4000 degrees Celsius, which is projected on a surface, immolating the target and breaking it apart. This hydrazine industrial torch can ignite multiple enemies with a streaming cone of incendiary material that extends several feet. Though it doesn't have the same long-distance range as other weapons, the Flamethrower is much more useful against small enemies and swarms in close quarters. Its primary fire doesn't fire projectiles like other weapons, but you still target the enemies' limbs for maximum effectiveness. In Dead Space 2, the Flamethrower's secondary fire is a lit canister that is launched at an enemy and will explode after a few seconds or upon contact. It then sets the enemy alight, dealing significant damage to every limb exposed to the blast. It is advisable to be clear of the canister's explosive proximity.

The Handheld Graviton Accelerator, commonly referred to as the Force Gun, is a short-range kinetic booster device. Its function in mining operations is to provide blasting power beyond conventional explosive charges, thus making it suitable for precise terraforming applications. Some practical examples may include shattering rocks into smaller rocks, sending rocks between miners in zero-gravity situations, or deflecting wayward rocks away from miners during space operations. In combat, the Force Gun serves like a shotgun; the primary fire shoots a wide kinetic blast of energy outwards, damaging everything in front of it. The closer an enemy is to this blast, the more damage is caused. Though short-range, the powerful blast makes the Force gun a valuable weapon for close-quarter combat. While the Force Gun's primary fire won't blow many of the tougher enemies to pieces, it will knock them back and away, creating breathing room in tough situations. The secondary fire has been modified in Dead Space 2, becoming a narrow beam with a brief charge time. The beam seems to be able to go through multiple Necromorphs. This only consumes one round of ammunition.

The C99 Supercollider Contact Beam, also referred simply as the Contact Beam, is an engineering tool designed to pound and soften hard, raw minerals into smaller pieces. Like the Force Gun, the Contact Beam is an energy projector tool that utilizes kinetic energy. As its name suggests, it is a miniaturized particle accelerator intended for mining operations. To operate to its actual purpose, the Contact Beam needs to be charged for a brief period. When fully charged and fired, the Contact Beam delivers a huge kinetic discharge that obliterates anything it comes into contact. As such, the weapon trades speed and precision for damage. The kinetic discharge is very powerful to the point where most Necromorphs can be killed by one shot. If not charged, the Contact Beam acts as a simple short-range weapon. The Contact Beam's secondary fire acts much like the Pulse Rifle's (In the original Dead Space) where it unleashes a small radial ground-based shock wave that knocks objects away from the wielder.

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