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Part 6: Co-op Vid - The CMS Brusilov

Today JamieTheD and I spend thirty minutes wandering through the Brusilov while technical difficulties try as hard as they can to keep me from getting 100% completion. Then some cool, crazy stuff happens with Carver! JamieTheD was making some cool stuff to go along with our technical difficulties at the end of this episode, which is why me posting it has taken so damn long, but it didn't work out. Don't blame him though because I'm sure you will be more than pleased at his framerate improvement this time around!

In fact, permit me if you will to talk about the game's completion percentage for a moment:

From the main menu, you can see the percentage completion of all of your save files. There are many many many unlockable circuit sets and four-ish unlockable suits tied to your completion; one for each type of collectible, and one suit for getting 100%. As you may notice, I don't have 100%.

This is because I haven't completed all of the optional missions, a category which includes singleplayer and co-op. If you don't play through all of the co-op missions, this box doesn't get ticked, chopping off about 3% completion. You may notice that that's still not 100%! Well...

That's because the game counts collectibles inside co-op missions for total completion percentage, which adds up the rest of it. That means that if you play only singleplayer, you can ONLY get the percentage I have in the first screenshot minus a little because we've done the Brusilov mission. That means you miss out on about 5 circuit/weapon part sets and four bonus completion RIG outfits to wear! What a bunch of bullshit!