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Part 18: Episode 16 - The one where the game becomes irredeemable

When Visceral was drafting up the plot of this game, they were like, "okay so what's the least entertaining and most cliche thing we could possibly ever write into a video game?" and the clouds parted and angels sung as a heavenly light bore down on them carrying a single message in an ornately wrapped box: "Go fuck yourselves." I am joined by Blind Sally and Nine-Gear Crow.


I have been neglecting to say this but the reason recent chapters haven't had a 'text logs in this chapter' inclusion is because there haven't been any for a while since it was mostly backtracking around the facility! However, we picked up LOTS of unitologist artifacts recently so here we go:



Many of the faithful have come to me, their beliefs shaken by the horrors they've seen at the liberated Marker test sites. 'How can we continue to believe in the Markers when they bring so much pain and suffering', they ask.

And who is it that made these aberrations - these copies, I ask them.

It is man.

Markers are as much a part of nature as were trees and blue sky and pristine oceans, yet we destroyed those too.

But nature has a way of righting itself if we are respectful. It is only by undoing the work of man that the Marker's true plan can blossom.

And right now, only one man stands in our way of doing that: Isaac Clarke. If this place is indeed the birthplace of the Markers, it is vitally important that we stop him from ruining our very salvation.



Do not tremble at the challenges that yet lie ahead, for you are not alone. We are millions strong and our belief in the Markers is unshakable.

We have overcome oppression to become one of the most widely-practiced religions in the galaxy. With the Church's fortunes we built an army and with it we have overthrown EarthGov.

In the end, Isaac Clarke will be found, the stain on the Markers will be lifted and Convergence will come.

Remain vigilant. The end is near.



Day 35

As I documented earlier in my Thought Diary, the events on New Horizons Lunar Colony left my faith shaken. Fortunately, Rick, my spiritual counsellor, had been monitoring my diary and pulled me aside for a pep talk.

He explained to me that what we're doing is a painful but necessary step towards saving the human race from the path of destruction. The deaths, he said, shouldn't bother me. If we do our job and bring about true Convergence, all those who have died will join us and we will transcend the pain and our baser human frailties to become something better, purer, whole.

As I sit here, freezing my butt off in a centuries-old bunker on an alien world, those words bring me comfort. Who knows? Maybe I'll be the one to kill Clarke. And if I do, will there be a special place for me when Convergence comes? Preferably a special place with a heater.



The soldiers at base camp have taken to calling it the 'snow beast' like it was some sort of modern day Yeti.

The eyewitness descriptions match very closely those of a frozen creature we found at Facility One dig site and another we are piecing together at Facility Two up on the mountain.

It's a curious crustacean, something I'd expect to find on a deep sea expedition rather than a trek through a frozen waste. How this one survived where the others did not proves it has a great deal of resilience.

If we are going to learn anything about these ancient beings, I must get a closer look.


- This is the first chapter where we encounter enhanced necromorphs! They're basically the same as their normal necromorph counterparts, except they have much more health and much more limb resistance. Also, as I mention in the video (I think?), enhanced pukers are the only necromorphs that can live without both arms! What a bunch of troopers they are.
- Dude fuck that crab holy shit, for real.