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Part 26: Dead Space 3: Awakened 01 - CJacobs uses stasis

Welcome to Dead Space 3: Awakened! Dead Space 3: Awakened is a downloadable expansion released in March of 2013 that follows up on the game's ending and brings it to a nice, fitting conclusion.

...Well, maybe not. It does conclude though!

I decided that since Carver and Isaac see some pretty different things, I'd do two playthroughs of the DLC. The one on the left is in single player, with Blind Sally and Nine-Gear Crow, from the perspective of Isaac. The one on the right is in co-op with JamietheD and features myself as Carver. Both playthroughs have the same number of updates and go through the same content, but provide a different perspective on the events and show how just a simple misunderstanding can lead to some pretty goddamn stupid things happening.

If you look in the top corners of the video you will occasionally see ghosts of my name and JamietheD's because I'm dumb and forgot to edit those out! If I joke about my mistakes, they aren't mistakes anymore!

On this episode, Isaac and Carver wake up in the afterlife and pal around with Guy Fieri for a while before starting their own reality television show about living in a house with a family of necromorphs and fucking I don't even care anymore some dumb shit happens it's all very stupid. I am joined by Blind Sally and Nine-Gear Crow, and in an alternate reality, JamietheD.