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by CJacobs, JamieTheD, Blind Sally, nine-gear crow

Part 30: Dead Space 3: Awakened Z - The finale!

I have no damn idea what to title this series, and it's unfortunately too long for me to keep up the fake DLC ruse this time around, so here goes nothing! Crow's never played Dead Space 2, and I wanted to show him what the GOOD Ellie was like, so today we begin a real casual playthrough of it. Editing will be very light and we're gonna totally talk over the cutscenes, but whatever, it'll still be entertaining. Also a point of fact: We recorded this entire thing in one night. So, y'know, keep that in mind as we start to get more delirious as it goes on.

Bonus drinking game: Count the number of times I call an aspect of the game 'fantastic' (don't do it, you'll die).

And, as promised, here are some blurry pics from my crappy slider phone of the nightmare setup:

Behind me is an old HP 2000 laptop with the following specs:

To call it outdated would be a severe understatement. It chugs along at the breakneck pace of a turtle with one leg and I am very sad that it's my only mobile computing platform because it made this probably way harder than it should've been. From it I have a pair of crappy generic apple earbuds leading to my ears so that I can talk to Crow over Skype as well as record on Audacity; the white cord is my mic trailing over to the left of me because putting it where i normally put it would make my keyboard sounds super audible and annoying instead of sort of muted.

BLURRY ACTION PIC (I took this one while diving through the air, and it's definitely not blurry because I have jittery hands, that's for sure). My Blue Snowball is sitting to my left, out of keyboard/mouse range but still in vocal range. Note Mr. Planters' all-seeing, all-watching peanut man self just sitting there staring at me as I play video games. I think of him as a surrogate for Altman, watching over me, guiding my every move. But also peanuts are tasty.

Rounding the corner at the end of my desk we come to my PC and some self-indulgent white balancing. Note my sick pro elite mechanical gaming keyboard. Don't buy one of those, mechanical keyboards suck ass, but I paid almost a hundred dollars for this fucking thing so damn it I'm gonna use it. On the lefthand side you can see my actual headphones, which I put overtop of the earbuds so that I can hear the game and make sure the audio on my PC is actually working, like some sort of goony nesting doll.

All in all, it was a pain in the ass to get working, but when it was over I felt a bit remiss. Putting it together was fun, like assembling a puzzle. I'm glad we did this all in one evening though because it means I won't have to do it again.