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by CJacobs, JamieTheD, Blind Sally, nine-gear crow

Part 45: Fanfic - Dead Space 4: Too much poop

(today's story was written by drmrpringles)

Sometimes I wake up and I ask myself," what am I doing with my life?"

I roll out of bed or sometimes not, and I trudge, hunched over, to my dresser to put on some clothes and start the day. Occasionally I don't even accomplish that much. Most of the time I go to my classes and I sit in my chair and half-pay attention as the hours very slowly tick by. The whole world feels drenched in angry, heavy black clouds, pregnant with rain. On these days when I ask myself what the point of it all is, the world seems shaded in black and white. I come home from my classes defeated and having learned nothing, having gained only the knowledge that I should've stayed home. I sit on my computer and the world wide web is my oyster but clicking on links and scrolling down pages does nothing to fulfill me. It doesn't make the hurt go away. My heart feels heavy as I realize how many hours I've wasted.

But once in a blue moon, when the stars align, there is an answer to that question. Today, that answer comes in the form of Dead Space 4: Too Much Poop.

I'm so sorry for what we are about to read to you. I was a little drunk when we recorded this. I am joined by Blind Sally and Nine-Gear Crow.