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Part 13: Additional Art

Bonus Stuff

Concept art of Kendra's outfit.
The security station where we load the damage report.
The Ishimura's docking bay.
The bowels of the transit system. Which can somehow be disrupted by a single car. Good God.
The standard design for the tram stations, used for level entries and exits.
The uniform for medical staff.
The medical deck isn't looking all that sterile today.
Do it for the children.
The captain's final resting place.
Watch that first step.
Zero gravity is good for the healing process. Somehow.

One of the specialized skins for the Slashers.
The Infector at work.
HD render of the Leaper's warped jaw structure.
The Leaper.
The Lurker, posed to strike.
The Lurker climbing about.

Welcome to Engineering! Try not to die.
An engineer's final resting place. Well, assuming that you thought ahead and desecrated the corpse.
The decon room isn't looking all that sterile today.
The entry hall to the centrifuge room.
The refuelling deck.
Concept art of the Pregnant Necromorphs.

Isaac's suit has a built-in air tank! It has failed me once before, it will not do so again.
The bridge is a sinister place.
Less so when brightly lit.
Please line up and enter the bridge in an orderly manner... uh, never mind.
This is where the captain goes to chill out after a long day of fanaticism. Oh, and where he goes to get stabbed in the face.
Nothing is safe!
A beautiful view of the Ishimura. Minus the meteor hail, of course.
The Brute.
An early concept of the Brute, unless I miss my guess.

"Dear Lord! Nurse, we're losing him!" "John... he's just goo on a table." "HE'S STILL MY PATIENT, GOD DAMMIT!"
...okay, this aspect of organ transplantation is even more gross than the tanks full of babies.
So, what's Military-Isaac been doing off-screen? ...bathing in gore, it would seem...

The vegetation in the greenhouse area.
When these things open, you'll want to look away - GOOD GOD MY EYES.
Concept detail of the light armor worn by Hammond. Oh, and those other guys. Who were they, again?
An exterior planning shot of the Ishimura.

That fucking drill beam!
The exterior of the Ishimura's mining bay, with a focus on those (remarkably fragile) gravity tethers.

One of the Valor's marines.

This is not the proper docking procedure.
En route to ambush.
The Valor's command center, unless I miss my guess. Where all the briefings go to waste.
So many boxes.
Just a guess, but maybe the Valor has attack ships in a smaller bay?
The hard part isn't hitting the bullseye. It's missing everything else.
Jesus, this place is a wreck.
Cold storage for the Marines, when they're not being butchered.

Welcome to the USG Ishimura. Here, have a background!

Altman be praised! It's the Unitologist crest from Mercer's office!

The deadliest weapon in the known universe is a Marine and his rifle.

Assorted Thread Extras

No, Phy, you are not the only one who sometimes reads it as "OBJECTIVE RODEO".

The Man with a Hat posted:

Isaac grits his teeth to suppress the slow, dull burn in his lungs, 
ignoring the muted screams of the undead. His boots leave the hull 
with a sickening thud, and he tumbles into the endless void. Before 
he can make contact with his distant target, the world grinds to a 
halt, distortions ruffling your vision. Shrill sirens blare in your 
ears. You know, without a doubt, that your video is unwinding itself, 
corrupting frame-by-frame. Your footage is lost. Your commentary is 
gone. You reach over and turn the computer off. 


A secret boss in Chapter 4. Oh yeah.

Boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other.

"I love the smell of plasma in the morning. Smells like... victory."

Theory: Isaac is the one who fixes everything in the sci-fi movies and games. He's just busy killing zombies, that's why it takes a long time.
Evidence: It would really explain a lot. I mean, you don't need eyes to see that Isaac is a talented engineer. He's probably solved a lot of life-or-death engineering issues, even when low on resources, and even when survival is somewhat improbable. Hell, he's not even freaking out when on board the Ishimura, which means that he's probably used to some unforseen consequences when on a mission. Of course, considering that he's wearing that helmet, nobody can hear him scream in frustration when things go sour.

Care for a change of pace? Erenthal shows us the view from the other side of the glass...

Erenthal posted:

"Careful, careful..." the slasher whispered to himself, slowly lifting the mug. He could smell the hot coffee, wafting from the container. Inching it ever closer to his gaping maw, he started to tremble. The slick ceramic suddenly slipped from his claws and tumbled to the ground, shattering into tiny pieces as it hit the decking. The pieces joined dozens more already there, several mugs worth of coffee already drying and forming a sticky sheen.
"God fucking damn it!"
"What is it Roger?"
A second Slasher stuck his head in through the door.
"Oh, hey Allan. No, nothing. It's just these damn clumsy appendages..." the first Slasher answered, raising his chitinous claws as he spoke.
Allan nodded, his distended, broken neck bobbing up and down.
"Tell me about it. But, hey, what can you do? You play the cards you're dealt."
"I guess."
"Anyway, I just came by to warn you about this guy who just came aboard the ship. Edgar just had a run-in with him down in engineering."
"Edgar. The Pregnant in Engineering 2. Big guy, red hair, gangrenous legs?"
"Oh, yeah. Runs the poker tournament, right?"
"That's the guy. Anyway, as he tells it, he's down there, moving some shit around, when this guy comes in. Edgar of course goes to introduce himself."
"Fucker just pulls out a plasma cutter and starts ripping into Edgar. Doesn't say a word, just heavy breathing."
"Jesus christ. He ok?"
"Yeah, both legs gone, but he'll pull through. Reckons this guy is some kind of retard though. Doesn't respond when talked to, just smashes stuff open and roars."
"Heck if I know. I mean, this guy Mercer up on deck 5 is crazy as a outhouse full of bats, but at least you can talk to the guy, if you can stand him chattering on for hours about his religious schtick. Anyway, just wanted to let you know."
"Appreciate it Allan. Take care, and say hi to Hector for me."
"Will do."
Roger sighed, the noise turning into a gurgle through his ruined throat. Retards and religious maniacs? Ship was going to hell. He pulled out another mug from the cabinet.

HexiDave can peer into the minds of the Redwood Developers. He knows what they were really thinking.

I maintain that in the Impossible run, the Ripper is not the appropriate tool for the task. Lotish disagrees.

bigredbutton uncovered an... interesting segment of audio... (MP3, )

Cetra was curious about how Hammond got onto the Valor. Then he looked up.

Zorak teaches us the true meaning of "terror".

In the Tour Guide videos, some things just don't make the cut. Such as yelling into the microphone.

My mind tends to wander when I work off a script.

Let's all gather 'round Brother Jonathan, while he sings to the tune of "The Marines' Hymn":

Brother Jonathan posted:

From the gas giants of Betelgeuse
To the frigid Triton waste,
We set out to fight the enemy
From the unknown depths of space.

And to dick with unknown artifacts
That we have just stumbled on.
Let us open up this pod right now,
What could possibly go AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

HexiDave went hunting for zealots, and he bagged the big game.

HexiDave knows what really happened, that fateful day in Chapter 11.

Duuk wants you to turn on the light. No - all the lights.