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Part 2

Welcome back! Today, we visit Medical Deck. Prepare for motion sickness and child abuse.

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Mission Objectives

Find the Thermite
There's some thermite stored near the Main Lab. A small amount of that, plus a timed electrical charge, and I should be able to blow through that barricade.

Find the Shock Pad
A portable defibrillator should provide enough juice to detonate the thermite. There's one in Zero-G therapy, according to Hammond.

Destroy the Barricade
Once I've put together an explosive, I can blow up the barricade. Then I need to make my way through the Emergency wing and find the Morgue.

Retrieve the Captain's RIG
The captain's body made it down to the morgue, probably before the ship was totally compromised. Nicole worked on this deck. Maybe I can find something... anything showing that she's still alive.

Kill the Captain
The captain's body has been... transformed by one of those things. I've got to take him down to get his RIG.

Go to Engineering
So the infection started planetside, and somehow got onto the ship. And these creatures came from within the planet. It's almost too incredible to believe. Hammond needs me on the Engineering deck now, to try to correct the ship's orbit. As if things could get any worse.

New Characters

Dr. Terrence Kyne. Chief Science Officer on the Ishimura. He seems to be a Unitologist, though he has some odd misgivings about the presence of the Marker.

Captain Benjamin Mathius. The ship's commander. Seems he's a Unitologist, as well. Sometime during the course of the infection, he was held down and stabbed in the eye. What a way to go.

Text Logs

"Dr. Warwick" posted:


PATIENT: HARRIS, B. (Employee #PM-19026-EH)

Harris is asleep, after another strong sedative. He seems literally unable to sleep without chemical aid. Most people succumb to exhaustion after 50+ hours of waking, regardless of any desire to stay awake. Not Harris.

His explanation of events on the colony is also odd, and points to the same paranoia we've seen elsewhere planetside. His guilt is not in doubt - two planetside security officers were present when he took Dr. Sciarello hostage and murdered Nurse Evans - and he doesn't deny his actions. But he insists there was no crime, nor does he feel guilt.

This is classic sociopathic behavior, but Harris exhibits no other symptoms. He is affable and friendly, able to empathize and offer original opinions. When questioned about the murder, however, he becomes withdrawn and intransigent, displaying schizophrenic behavior. He also undergoes intermittent hallucinatory periods, again similar to those experienced by other colonists.

Harris claims he threatened the Doctor because he "had to stop the dreams and the faces", and that he'd kill again to "Make it whole again". What that means, I haven't determined yet. A most intriguing case.

"Dr. Kyne" posted:



The vidlogs from the colony are poor quality, but the artifact does indeed appear to be a genuine Marker, the first to be found in Unitology's two hundred year history. I'm eager to get it on board the ship so I can study it properly.

The potential here is enormous. Not just for me personally, though it's true I've dreamed of such a discovery for decades. But also to humanity, and the Church of Unitology in particular.

This Marker could herald the dawn of a new age for mankind, and I will do my part to ensure it comes to pass. I know the Church will be grateful, but the true recognition will come from all of humanity. On this day, we are blessed.

"Unknown" posted:


Alyssa Rose
Kai Jatin
Ian Ansel
Jackson Thomas
Zara James
Kai Joshua
Jiannah Faith
Jack William
Agatha Marjorie

"Dr.Kyne" posted:



Benjamin -
Further to our previous conversation, I ask that you delay bringing the Marker up from the planet for a day or two.

You know I'm as keen as anyone to study it in detail, and I understand your sense of urgency given the events on the colony, but that's why I ask - what's happening down there is too unique, too unprecedented, to cut it short without proper time to study the causes and effects.

In light of a discussion I had with Dr. Mercer, I'd like to meet with Drs. Sciarello and Welland planetside to get their observations.

"Dr. Domuss" posted:



It is my sad duty to officially pronounce Captain Benjamin Mathius dead. Reports of the exact circumstances surrounding his death are conflicted, and beyond the scope of my role. I can only report on the body.

The subject was in generally good health for his age, though a cursory blood test indicates his leukocyte count was very low, with eosinophils in particular almost non-existent. His preflight physical health exam showed no such symptoms, indicating rapid onset; however, it is unlikely this had any effect on his death.

Multiple contusions on the arms and hands, indicating a brief struggle pre-mortem. Slight contusion around the ribcage, suggesting his chest was restrained in some way. Cause of death was a single prolonged trauma to the ocular body which continued on through the cavity wall, and finally into the frontal lobe, causing rapid neurotrauma, seizure and death.

The force required to puncture the ocular cavity in this manner is great, and the possibility of self-infliction correspondingly low.

I therefore have no alternative but to record a preliminary verdict of UNLAWFUL DEATH. Whether deliberate or accidental is beyond my jurisdiction.


* Keith Szarabajka provides the voice and likeness for Dr. Terrence Kyne. In television, he's appeared in Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, The X Files, Angel, Numb3rs. He's actually got a large video game resume, too - he's popped up in minor roles in Grim Fandango, Spider-Man 2, Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath, and Splinter Cell: Double Agent.
* J.G. Hertzler provides the voice and likeness for Captain Benjamin Mathius. While he's appeared in The Golden Compass and BioShock, he's probably best known for his role in the Star Trek series. Hertzler played Martok of the Klingon Defense Force in Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Armada, and Armada II. He also appeared in unrelated roles in Enterprise, Voyager, and Elite Force.
* In the movie, Captain Mathius is voiced by Jim Cummings, a voice actor who has appeared in Fallout, Kingdom Hearts, The Road to El Dorado, Shrek, The Lion King, and The Tick. Strange, since in both media, Keith Szarabajka provides the voice of Kyne. Ah, well.
* This level features the first and only instance of the name "Necromorph". Nobody ever says it again. My mistake - it gets mentioned later. Thanks, Lotish.
* This level features the first mention of Unitology.
* This level features the first mention of the Marker.
* The pulse rifle is the only tool in this entire game that was actually meant for military use. Everything else is repurposed civilian equipment. This was actually inspired by the final battle in Aliens, where Ripley used a mechanical loader to beat the living hell out of the Alien Queen and blow it out the airlock.
* Kyne's audio log mentions a "Dr. Sciarello". Dr. Tom Sciarello is one of the main characters in the Dead Space comic, desperately trying to save the people of the colony. It doesn't end well.
* If Isaac weren't protected by his suit while in the vacuum, things would go downhill fast. He would lose consciousness in about 12 seconds due to oxygen deprivation, his blood and spit would boil after about 14 seconds, and he would die after about 2 minutes. That said, if he were returned to a pressurized environment within 30 seconds, he could probably survive without major permanent damage.
* Captain Mathius is the only character to appear in the comic, movie, and game.

Continuity Issues

* As outlined in the video, the captain's autopsy is... unlikely.
* In one of the audio logs, the narrator claims that he saw footage of colonists transforming into Necromorphs. This is impossible, as contact was lost with the colony shortly after Aegis 7 was cracked open. The only footage acquired from the planet had nothing to do with transformations - just Necromorphs attacking the colonists.
* In the comic, Captain Mathius is shown as being clean-shaven. In the movie and the game, however, he is shown with a well-groomed beard. If both are considered canon - and they are, as far as I know - he grew a full beard in a single day. Impressive.

New Enemies

Slasher Variants
There are a bunch of variants, based on different members of the crew. Security force Slashers have armor on their legs. Female Slashers will vomit acid on you, given the chance.

Picture a facehugger crossed with a Slinky, and you've pretty much got it. These things travel in packs, tipping end-over-end, and leap up to chew into Isaac's armor. Area effect weapons are quite effective, though in a pinch, the pulse rifle or line gun can take care of them pretty easily. They're small, so hitting them anywhere in the body will do the job.

Unfortunately for all involved, the Ishimura was a family ship - meaning that there are children. Yeah, harsh. Plus, there are a bunch of cloned fetuses prepared for organ replacement, ripe for harvesting. Infected children develop tentacles in a fan shape along their spine - these can be used to stab at close range, or fire projectiles at a distance. Obviously, you'll want to aim for the fan. Take out enough of the tentacles, down they go.

Enhanced Slashers
Similar to their normal counterparts. That said, their skin is a black shell instead of mottled, bloody flesh, and they tend to move a little faster. They're a lot stronger than standard Slashers - even if you take out a leg and an arm, it's quite possible that they'll still drag themselves towards you with their last remaining limb. These Slashers appear when corpses are resurrected by Infectors.

This is an odd one. Infectors look a lot like fleshy manta rays, though they've got weird limb formations and a long, stinging proboscis on the underside of its body. As the name would suggest, these organisms turn corpses into Necromorphs; they latch onto a body, stab into the brain, and convert it into a new form, generally an Enhanced Slasher. They're not very dangerous on their own, but if you drop one of these guys into a room full of corpses, then you've got problems. It's wise to destroy any corpses before Infectors can get their claws into them.

New Equipment

Kinesis Module
Ever want to move things with your mind? Too bad, you can't. However, there's the kinesis module, which lets you lift, drag, and throw heavy objects at range.

Upgrade diagram. But whatever should I upgrade first?

IM-822 Handheld Ore Cutter Line Gun
As the name suggests, the line gun is used to destroy large chunks of rock, cutting them into smaller pieces for easier processing. Directed at organic targets, it can even go through multiple enemies.

Primary fire: single wide beam, effective across a long range. Excellent for cutting off multiple limbs at once.
Secondary fire: timed mine. I honestly don't use it that much, but it's decent against slow, predictable opponents.

Upgrade diagram.
Manufacturer's pamphlet.
Concept art.

SWS Motorized Pulse Rifle
The only weapon that's actually meant for conventional military use. Clip-loaded, it fires small pellets of energy accelerated along electromagnetic coils. It's commonly used among security and military forces - several of the Kellion's crew are shown carrying it. Not that it helped them much. Rest in peace, Chen and Johnson.

Primary fire: rapid-fires three rounds in a loose triangle. Not terribly precise, but decent when there's a large target.
Secondary fire: rotary fire from a stationary position, parallel to the floor. Good for use when you're surrounded - it knocks enemies back.

Upgrade diagram.
Concept art.
Poster. Don't fuck with the SWS.

Bonus Stuff
The uniform for medical staff.
The medical deck isn't looking all that sterile today.
Do it for the children.
The captain's final resting place.
Watch that first step.
Zero gravity is good for the healing process. Somehow.
Check out this convenient diagram of the suit's structure! It is, in no way, designed by Tony Stark.

One of the specialized skins for the Slashers.
The Infector at work.
HD render of the Leaper's warped jaw structure.
The Leaper.
The Lurker, posed to strike.
The Lurker climbing about.

Welcome to the USG Ishimura. Here, have a background!