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Part 3

Slaan posted:

I second this most heartily. We don't care that you do it and really don't notice it until you mention it. Its like highlighting your faults in a job interview.

Huh. No wonder it was so hard to get a job. But yeah, I'll avoid that in the future. Thanks for the tip.

Welcome to the Engineering Deck! Contains moving parts. Do not give to children under three.

Part One: Viddler (Polsy),

Part Two: Viddler (Polsy),

Mission Objectives

"Isaac" posted:

Re-Fuel the Engine
I find it hard to believe that the Ishimura ran out of fuel. They haven't been on mission long enough for that. Either the fuel lines are disengaged or something very bad has happened.
...well, the ship is infected with some kind of organism that brings the dead back to life as alien monstrosities. I think that qualifies as "bad".

"Isaac" posted:

Activate the Centrifuge
Hammond's right about this one. Ships like the Ishimura use massive centrifuges to negate the pull of dismantled pieces of the planet. Undoubtedly, it's offline so I'll need to assess the problem and get it restarted.

Manually Ignite the Engine
Now that the ship has fuel and the centrifuge is working, I just have to re-engage the engines from the Engine Room. The automatic navigation systems should then correct our orbit.

Go to the Bridge
From bad to worse. We're no longer going to crash, but we're going to get smashed to pieces by the asteroid field surrounding the planet. I've got to get to the Bridge and meet up with Hammond.

New Characters

Jacob Temple. ...we've got no image, no bio, and no understanding of what this guy is all about, apart from the fact that he's looking for someone named Elizabeth. Oh, and he's the Chief Engineer! I just wish he would have fixed the fucking ship.

Text Logs

"F. Hallow" posted:

Don't know what's going on around here. Someone said the ship's been attacked. Who the hell would attack us out here? First the Captain dies, now we get attacked? Carmack says someone on Bridge staff killed him. Can't believe that.

Goddamn chaos now. Can't get through to the bridge. Can't get through to anyone. Everyone's running. Getting the hell out of here. Should probably join them.

"C. Danvers" posted:

Re: Organic growth in engineering (Update)

The unidentified growth seen in other parts of the ship has now reached engineering. I don't know what the hell this stuff is - looks like someone threw their guts all over the walls - but it's spreading faster than we can cut it up, which is pretty disgusting in itself.

It's already in the engine spoke, and if we can't find a way to stop it soon, it'll hit the main chamber by the day after tomorrow. I hope the docs are looking into it, because it's beyond me.

* In the Dead Space universe, translight flight is accomplished with the Shockpoint Drive, which - unless I miss my guess - creates a portal between two fixed points in space. While craft like the Kellion have only one shockpoint engine, the Ishimura has twelve, presumably to create a wormhole big enough for such a large ship.
* The Necromorph biomass appears in the Dead Space comic, developing in the colony's air ducts one week before the planetcrack. While it's easily burned off at first, it re-emerges six days later.
* While Unitology is one of the more popular religions of the future, it's also one of the more commonly mocked. Its adherents are called "Unis", "Marker-heads", and "rock worshippers", among other things. They're more or less stereotyped as fanatics.
* People were arguing earlier about safety settings with mining tools. Lots of people suggested that Isaac might be tampering with them, to make them more dangerous. Well, Mr. Brant Harris and Ms. Natalia Deshyanov beg to differ. In the comic, both of them committed acts of violence with, as far as I can tell, unmodified cutters. As for the other weapons, it's entirely possible that Isaac is cranking them up.

Continuity Issues
* What the hell is going on with the timeline here?
* Temple states that the engines were manually disabled, thus causing physical damage to the equipment. In the movie, however, they were shut down remotely from the computer core, which was then encrypted. If this were the case, someone with Kendra's skills could just hack into it and reactivate them.
* The log we found in Chapter One said that the Ishimura's trip from port to Aegis VII took 5 days. The odd thing is, in Downfall's continuity, that means that the Kellion was prepped, assembled, and deployed within the 3-hour planetfall deadline. Which is unlikely. If you consider only the game, the Kellion would still have to arrive within 48 and 58 hours of the captain's death. How did it reach Aegis VII so quickly?

New Enemies

Drag Tentacle
These spawn out of ragged three-foot holes in the Ishimura's hull, grabbing on to Isaac and yanking him into the bowels of the ship. Their only weak spot, fortunately, is extremely obvious - do enough damage to the large yellow bulb on the tentacle, and the entire structure will explode.

These are crewmen partially fused with Necromorph biomass, halfway through a transformation into... something. They're harmless, at least for now.

This variant of the infection fills fat guys with worms. Yes, seriously. Pregnants have the arm structure of Slashers, but their torsos have been converted into birthing sacs, generally full of Swarmers. In later levels, however, they start spawning more dangerous creatures. As such, you never want to shoot Pregnants in the stomach. That'll rupture the sack and pour out whatever's gestating inside. Aim for the legs or arms.

New Equipment

PFM-100 Hydrogen Torch Flamethrower
Quite often, alien planets are extremely cold, and the most valuable materials are shielded by layers of ice. Good thing we've got a tool that can create a stream of fire up to 4000 degrees Celsius! WARNING: aim away from face.

Primary fire: short-range gout of flame. Good against most enemies; ignores any armor they might have.
Secondary: napalm bolt. Sets the target on fire.

Upgrade diagram.

Bonus Stuff

Welcome to Engineering! Try not to die.
An engineer's final resting place. Well, assuming that you thought ahead and desecrated the corpse.
The decon room isn't looking all that sterile today.
The entry hall to the centrifuge room.
The refuelling deck.
Concept art of the Pregnant Necromorphs.

Lotish posted:

As for why the orbit is decaying, as someone pointed out earlier...isn't it possible that if you got nudged out of the proper orbit (I forget what the term for a stable orbit is) it would degrade?
Exactly! Like people were saying, there are a number of bullshit sci-fi logical reasons for the Ishimura's descent. Without the stabilizing effects of the gravity centrifuge, the ship would be dragged down into the upper atmosphere. As such, they've drifted quite a bit, dipping lower and lower into Aegis' gravitational field. And without the main engines, they can't return to safe distance. (Also, in this case, I believe that the proper term for the Ishimura's orbit is "geostationary orbit", as it's staying in one place compared to the tether's anchors in the crust. Still, I think that "stable orbit" is an acceptable term. )

Oh, hey, there's an update on the plot of Dead Space: Extraction, the upcoming rail-shooter for the Wii! (Slight spoilers within.) I have no doubt that adding another storyline in parallel to the rest of the tale will provide answers for all questions, and won't fuck up the timeline whatsoever.

...who am I kidding? I'd still play it.

Speedball posted:

My dream survival-horror-in-space game would heavily involve psychic powers...
And this. I would play the fuck out of this.

Question for the audience: would you like me to compile a rough timeline of the game, updating it whenever we pick up clues? Placed, say, in that slot near the OP that I conveniently reserved? After all, there's a lot of plot to sift through in each chapter, and it might be more convenient to have it all in one place.