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Part 6

We've got a rather large update today, mostly video, with a moderate amount of bonus stuff. I hope you like biomass and plot from minor characters!

Oh, also - with some Premiere fuckery, I managed to export as a video that's rather large. Big subs, too. That said, there are some occasional video glitches. I think I dropped a frame or two in the second video. Still working it out.

Welcome to the Ishimura Grocery! Please let us know if there's anything we can do to improve your shopping experience.

Part One: Viddler (Polsy),

Part Two: Viddler (Polsy),

Mission Objectives

"Isaac" posted:

Destroy the Poison Pods (8)
According to Hammond, the Necromorphs have transformed some of the crew into "poison pods", which are contaminating the air. I need to find and destroy them.

Recycle the Atmosphere
Once the poison pods are all destroyed, I can return to Atmosphere Control and recycle the air. That will unlock Food Storage, where the Leviathan is holed up.

Poison the Leviathan
I can disperse the poison through the filtration system of Food Storage. It should kill anything alive inside.

Kill the Leviathan
The poison dissolved some of the corruption, enough to allow me inside Food Storage. But the Leviathan is still alive.

Go to the Mining Deck
Finally, the ship seems stable. I've bought us some time, hopefully enough to find this SOS Beacon. But even if we send out a distress signal, is anyone close enough to this system to hear it?

Text Logs

"Professor H. Jagerwald" posted:


Elizabeth -
No doubt you're aware of the organic growth found in some parts of the ship. I've been examining the substance and thought the results would interest you.

The cells most closely resemble bacteria, with viral behavior. Like bacteria, the organism infects other cells through osmosis, then mutates and reproduces agamogenetically.

What's amazing is the SPEED at which it grows. A single bacterium reproduces twenty-fold in just one minute. I've never seen anything like it. I won't stake my reputation on it, but I think this may be a genuine alien lifeform!

Prof. Hawley theorizes that it's a habitat transformer - the levels of gaseous output are tremendous, which is why it smells so bad - but to what end we simply don't know. I'll keep you posted.


An alien organism? You don't say.

* The captain isolated the colony, presumably to prevent the spread of the dementia. The order must have gone out, though, after the Marker was brought aboard.
* Discounting bosses, this is the only level to feature a single-stage enemy, in the form of the Wheezer.
* We are now halfway through the game!

Continuity Issues
* The cast of Downfall actually visit Hydroponics three-quarters of the way through the game. Instead of being a veritable maze of pain, it's just a forest of reused CG models. Classy. yes it's a small difference but I couldn't think of anything

New Enemies

Gee, I wonder what these can do. Exploders have a huge sack of organic explosive growing from one arm. When they get close, they commit suicide, creating a large explosion. However, their greatest strength is also their Achilles heel - a single shot to the sack will blow them apart. If severed, you can use kinesis to throw their bomb as a weapon.

Melted, desiccated husks of the Ishimura's crew, turned into air processors by the infection. Their most dangerous attack? Coughing at you. Seriously. They're basically harmless, unless you've got a sensitive stomach. koff koff HAMMOND

That Goddamn Elevator
Arguably the most insidious weapon in all of the Necromorphs' inventory - a machine that sucks up Isaac's lifespan. Minutes of my life, wasted on a fucking moving platform. I'm not sure why I'm so bitter about this.

The first real boss fight of Dead Space, unless you count the Hunter, which would be silly, considering that all we do to him is run away and put him on the shelf next to some Rocky Road. Anyway. The Leviathan is embedded in the walls of food storage, and uses tentacles to defend itself. You can circle-strafe around the zero-G room to avoid them, and jump from wall to wall when they swing at you. Which, admittedly, I did not show off.

In the second phase, the Leviathan exposes its weak spot - he's got a rather sensitive throat. He'll start spitting bombs at you, which can be blown up in his mouth (good), in midair (which is okay), and in your face (which sucks). This form won't last too long, but if you've put upgrades into your weapons, then you can beat him before the third form emerges.

The third phase is a mix of one and two - the tentacles return, and he keeps shooting at you. Ignore the tentacles - if they swing at you, just flee. Continue firing at the mouth, and he'll die pretty soon. Don't forget to loot the room. Lots of good stuff in there.

New Clues
* According to the doctor's report, the Necromorph biomass is bacterial. Logically speaking, the infection probably is, as well.
* According to Dr. Cross, survivors are gathering on the Mining Deck. Temple was headed there, too. Perhaps they'll meet up?
* Apparently, the Leviathan entered from outside the ship.

Bonus Stuff
The vegetation in the greenhouse area.
When these things open, you'll want to look away - GOOD GOD MY EYES.
Concept detail of the light armor worn by Hammond. Oh, and those other guys. Who were they, again?
An exterior planning shot of the Ishimura.

MaNiAk posted:

Can't forget that Hammond is still badass, or something.
Zachary Hammond is so tough, fire is scared of him.

bodz5150 posted:

I ask because after watching the LP videos I have seen how easy using statis can make this game. I'm breezing through all of the levels now and want a challenge again.
Yeah, I know what you're talking about. Even Impossible is getting easy, with the practice I've been getting.

NoEyedSquareGuy posted:

If you care at all about weapon suggestions, I would sell the line gun and pulse rifle and stick solely with the force gun and plasma cutter.
...hmmm... I think I have an idea. A stupid idea, but an idea nonetheless... I'll see where it goes with the next Schadenfreude update.

Next update will probably be next Monday. My avenue for uploads has shut down for the time being, but on the weekend, I'm moving back to college, the promised land of the internet.