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Part 8

People posted:

I'm afraid that while all these things are extremely awesome, you're missing the sheer scale of Isaac's plan. He will find a way to escape the ship, and then turn around and kick it into the nearest star.

Wait, didn't I come here to do something else? Oh, right.

Today, we visit the command deck. I hope the Captain likes the cut of our wait fuck I already made that joke.

Main videos:
Part One: Viddler (Polsy),
Part Two: Viddler (Polsy),

Can you spot the sloppy editing mistake?

Schadenfreude Run! These videos are brought to you by the word "fuck", and its derivatives.

Part One: Viddler (Polsy),
Part Two: Viddler (Polsy),

Mission Objectives

"Isaac" posted:

Contact the Military Ship
Somehow a military ship heard our distress call. It's unbelievable luck. Now I just need to see what's wrong with the Comms Array and contact the ship.

Fix the Array
The communication dishes have taken some damage. I need to swap out the broken dishes and create a circle of working ones. That should align the signal and allow us to transmit to the ship.

Use the ADS Cannon to Clear the Blast Doors
The signal still isn't strong enough, and Kendra needs the blast doors opened above the Comms Array. Soemthing big is sitting right on top of them, no doubt some kind of Necromorph. If I can get to one of the ADS turrets, I hopefully can blast it off into space.

Go to the Cargo Deck
The military ship... it slammed into the Ishimura. Maybe some of the marines are alive and can help... but somehow I doubt it. Hammond says he found a shuttle on the Crew Deck. I need to salvage a Singularity Core out of the military ship to repair the shuttle. There is still hope, slim though it may be...

* This is the last time that we'll ever use the ADS cannon. Ever. I believe I hear cheering in the background

Continuity Issues
* Kendra and Hammond say that the Valor is embedded in the Cargo Bay. There are two on the Ishimura; the Bay, at the top-middle of the ship near the flight deck, and the Hold, which is at the back of the ship, on the belly. To hit the one on top, the Valor would have had to hit the ADS platform, bounce, and somehow twist 45 degrees and slam into the roof. To reach the one on the bottom... hell, they'd have to loop-the-loop. Impressive feat, either way.
* Apparently, the captain shut down the communications system, and attempts to re-establish it failed. Nicole still made a distress call. The only logical explanation is that someone fixed the array, she used it, and it broke again. I love this ship.

New Enemies
I hate these things. Rather than being a single organism, they're a collection of smaller creatures in the form of a tall, gangly humanoid. It breaks into its component parts when it sustains enough damage, and the bits and pieces attack you. The best idea is to use the contact beam to apply damage to the torso, and when it breaks apart, hit it with a few bursts from the force gun. If you don't have those, just pour on the line racks until it dies. If you're out of line racks, I hope you didn't value your neck all that much.

The Slug!
Rather than being a simple Isaac vs. Giant Monster X bossfight, Dead Space gives you a mixed blessing. On the plus side, they give you a really big gun. On the other hand, the aiming is shit and the monster is throwing explosives at you.

The Slug has five tentacles, each of which can reach down, grab a projectile, and whip it at you. When they wind up for the throw, unload into the weak point, and it should drop its weapon. Repeat until dead. Sounds easy, right? Haha, no. The explosive tanks take away around 10% of your health. The metal chunks take around 6%. You'll want to avoid getting hit. And since everything you hit explodes into a cloud of dust, seeing the tank coming to roast you alive can be problematic.

New Clues
* The Valor was within range of the Ishimura's beacon. Judging by Kendra's comments, this is unusual... why were they out here?
* Somebody's keeping an eye our communications with Kendra.
* Somebody was blocking Hammond's signal. The same person, perhaps?
* The captain was intentionally blocking the Ishimura's long-range communications dish.
* The Aegis (Cygnus? Whatever) system is a prohibited area, in which the CEC was trespassing for the last three years.

Bonus Stuff
One of the Valor's marines. We'll be seeing more of this guy soon.

Sorry about the slim pickings on the bonus side, guys. The next update, however, will have a significant amount of concept art.