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Part 9

Remember how I said the new update would be up Thursday?

I lied.

What are you waiting for, breakfast in bed?

It's another beautiful day in the Corps! Today we'll be exploring the Valor.

Part One: Viddler (Polsy),
Part Two: Viddler (Polsy),

This set comes with built-in pain!

Part One: Viddler (Polsy),
Part Two: Viddler (Polsy),

Mission Objectives

"Isaac" posted:

Clear Radioactive Material (6)
One of the Valor's weapon modules ripped open in the crash, scattering highly radioactive munitions through the Ore Storage chamber. The radiation leak has caused the Valor's airlock to seal itself. I need to clear the chamber of the munitions before I can get onboard the ship.

Enter the Military Ship
The military ship USG Valor slammed into the Cargo Bay of the Ishimura. The ship tore right through the Ishimura's hull. I need to find a way inside.

Find the Singularity Core
Made it inside. Now I just have to find a way to the engine room and salvage the Singularity Core.

Go to the Crew Deck
I've got the Singularity Core now. Removing it may cause some bad side effects to the Valor's power system, so I should get out of here quickly. I'm heading to the Crew Deck now, in hopes of repairing the shuttle docked here.

Text Logs

"Earth Defense" posted:

CEC vessel USG Ishimura in breach of government order. They are believed to have recovered Marker 3A. Special Ops has confirmed the system but has been unable to provide the planet location. Special Ops advises caution. If Marker 3A has been recovered, infection by a lethal organism is a credible threat. Shockpoint to Aegis system, move to position out of local scope ranger and await signal from Ishimura to confirm location., guys. I have never seen such a well-informed crew botch a mission so terribly.

Interestingly, this chapter tells us a hell of a lot about the backstory of the Dead Space universe. Admittedly, you have to read between the lines, but it's still there.
* Considering that both the Ishimura and the Valor have logos with Japanese script (I'm not sure if it's kanji, katakana, or romanji - I don't speak the language), it's probably a society founded by a mix of Eastern and Western influences.
* Earth is still the cornerstone of the human civilization.
* If there's an organized military force, there must be someone to fight. Considering that alien life seems like a revelation, and that Hammond makes reference to "patrols", I would assume that there are some rogue humans (pirates, colonists, whatever) roaming around the outer reaches of space.
* The military has three internal divisions - Navigation, Weapons, and Engineering.
* There's some kind of significance to the terms "3343" and "Spaceborne". 3343rd Spaceborne division, maybe?
* There's a discrete "Special Ops" that serves as an intelligence-gathering organization. Maybe my "Space CIA" gag wasn't so far off the mark.
* The CEC must be a fairly influential organization, if the Earth government is spying on them. And yet, they're not making any arrests when the miners go into forbidden systems. "Too big to fail", maybe?
* Considering that CEC containers are scattered all over the Valor, the developers didn't bother to reskin the lockers company is probably spread into multiple fields, not just mining, and supplies the military in some capacity.

Continuity Issues
* Isaac's journal refers to the ship as the "USG Valor". Kendra, however, refers to it as the "USM Valor".
* There were eighty bunks in the barracks. There was a single Necro in the pod. Twenty minutes, and the marines were dead. On the same tack...
* There were Infectors on the Valor. How'd they get there? There was only the one Necro, and Slashers can't insta-infect organisms. They're just bacterial carriers. Which leads us to how it's...
* ...rather interesting how an entire new mutation formed between the attack on the Valor and Isaac's arrival, particularly considering that the bacterial route for Necro infection seems to take a while.
* How did Hammond get onto the Valor without an air tank and gravity boots? The only visible route was through an exposed, gravity-free airlock. (Thanks to cetra for pointing this out!)

New Enemies
The crew of the Valor have not fared well. The infection has changed them in a very odd way; not only have their bodies become warped and tumorous, but the stasis packs they wear speed them up to a remarkable degree. They can sprint like a goddamn Olympian. You can take off the legs, but they still crawl with amazing speed. Stunlock them with the pulse rifle, or cripple them with the line gun. If you've got a mix of aim, timing, and luck, feel free to go for the contact beam.

Enhanced Brutes
Remember the Brute from before? Big? Bad? Nasty? Limb-ripping? Yeah, he's back. And about five times as tough. Be strong, you can do this - just remember the previous tactics. Take off a leg and send its pods back, cripple it and attack from behind, or just delimb the motherfucker.

New Clues
* The military knew that the Marker existed. They knew that the CEC was in the Aegis system. And they knew that there was some kind of alien threat.
* Kyne is aware of our mission aboard the Valor, and our intended use for the Singularity Core. Presumably, it was him who was listening in. But why would he block Hammond's signal?

Bonus Stuff
This is not the proper docking procedure.
En route to ambush.
The Valor's command center, unless I miss my guess. Where all the briefings go to waste.
So many boxes.
Just a guess, but maybe the Valor has attack ships in a smaller bay?
The hard part isn't hitting the bullseye. It's missing everything else.
Jesus, this place is a wreck.
Cold storage for the Marines, when they're not being butchered.

I forgot to add the Valor background! Haha, I am stupid.

SageNytell posted:

Can we safely assume that most people on the ship are infected to some extent? ...Could one aspect of the infection include distortion of the passage of time?
...why does my head hurt? Ow. Ow! Ow! Fu-

Long and short, I doubt it. The Necromorph bacterium is completely useless against living tissue, unless you count being able to chop living things up into tiny little bits. It's only active when exposed to dead flesh. As for changes in perception... well, I'll be discussing that later on.

The bonus videos (including a more detailed explanation of the firing range, and some fuckery therein) will be up as soon as I find my jaw. Or record them. Whatever. If you've got any requests for the Tour Guide run, let me know.