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Part 11

I've got that old familiar feeling...

Part One: Viddler (Polsy),
Part Two: Viddler (Polsy),

Schadenfreude Time! You sadistic bastards.
Part One: Viddler (Polsy),
Part Two: Viddler (Polsy),

And the sound of Schadenfreude:
Eerie song from 2001: A Space Odyssey
Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky), by DeEtta Little.
The Ride of the Valkyries, by Richard Wagner.
Reunited, by Peaches and Herb.

Mission Objectives

"Isaac Clarke" posted:

Transfer the Marker
The Marker is being stored in the Cargo Bay of the Flight Deck. I have to transfer it from there up to the Hangar Bay. Kendra seems more interested in the shuttle than in Kyne's plan to trap the Hive Mind. I can't really blame her. We need to get off the Ishimura.

Meet Kyne at the Hangar Bay
The Marker is on it's way up to the Hangar Bay. Kyne should be arriving there now.
God dammit Isaac, can't you tell the difference between "its" and "it's"? Engineer First-Class my ass.

"Isaac Clarke" posted:

Position the Marker
I have to move the Marker along the loading tracks and position it underneath the shuttle.

Restore Gravity to the Hangar Bay
Kyne can't get the Marker onboard until I restore gravity to the Hangar Bay.

Meet Kyne at the Shuttle
The Marker is onboard. Now we can all finally get off this ship.

Meet Nicole in Flight Control
Nicole's alive! I don't know how she tracked me here, and I don't care. Kendra betrayed me... this whole time, she was some kind of covert agent. She's murdered Kyne and taken the Marker and the Shuttle. If Nicole can help me get the Marker back, I still might be able to end this nightmare.

Remote Pilot the Shuttle
I can override Kendra's control of the shuttle from here, and bring the shuttle back.

Fly the Shuttle to the Colony
Nicole is completely driven to return the Marker to the Colony. If we can continue with Kyne's plan, and use it to trap the Hive Mind, we just might be able to survive this. Together.

* Even after the Drag Tentacles in the Cargo Bay are destroyed, you can see their shadows on the wall.
* I have no idea what happened to Kyne's body. I think that it was briefly visible in the second part of the main run, but after I fired the contact beam, it vanished.
* As I mentioned in the Schadenfreude Run, the Marker bears surprising thematic resemblance to the Monolith from the Space Odyssey series.

Continuity Issues
* As discussed in the video, the Marker's effects on the Necros are somewhat inconsistent.
* It seems that the people behind Downfall and the comic never took a look at Redwood's design documents. When it's first shown in the movie, the Marker is the size of a skyscraper. When it reappears, it's the size of a small house. In the comic, it's a couple times taller than a normal human. None of these sizes are correct. And no, the Marker cannot shapeshift. Similarly, looking at the first image, they have a very poor grasp of the use of perspective.
* The shot that killed Kyne was literally impossible. As we approach, we see him take a hit center mass. The shooter was standing to his left. The shot would have entered the chest through the left side, assuming that they didn't aim for the head.

New Clues
* Hammond's signal wasn't being blocked by Kyne or Mercer. It was Kendra all along - sowing the seeds of doubt in Isaac's mind, isolating Hammond from the rest of the group, and manipulating events to her own ends. Bitch.
* The military didn't just know about the presence of the Marker. They constructed it and used it for experimentation on Aegis VII. What kind of experimentation? And why?

Bonus Stuff
I actually have a rather odd bonus segment this time. Today, I was talking to Arcane, and he mentioned an Interplay game called Run Like Hell. He said it was quite similar to Dead Space. This is not exactly true.

They're the same game.

Run Like Hell follows a character in deep space, separated from his girlfriend, who's trained in medicine. The station has been attacked by a previously unknown alien race, which has massacred basically everybody. The main character's lady sometimes sends him messages to show that she's okay.

The enemies, too, are quite similar. There are "Cutters", with scythe-blades for arms. There are "Brutes", who are huge, heavily-muscled berserkers who can resist massive gunfire. There are "Scouts", creatures with a scorpion tail. There are "Scout Sprites", breakaway enemies that serve as suicide bombers. There are "Elites", who can take human heads and put them atop their own bodies. And there is "Biomass", which converts the environment into an area appropriate for the aliens.

...what the fuck, EA.