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Dead in Bermuda

by Delvio

Part 1: Day 0 - Intro & Characters

Day 0

Here we see our top of the line accommodations for our three hour tour. Dead in Bermuda is a bit unclear about what year it takes place in, with the 1950's era plane you see
here, but also referring to modern things like Sudoku. I suppose the budget airline they are taking must not have upgraded their fleet in a while.

Here we have the first glimpse of our cast. There is one more person, but we will meet her in a bit.

This is why you do not keep flying the same planes for 60+ years.

Get used to the cast in various stages of panic and terror. We will be seeing plenty of it over the course of the game.

And this is our destination. The in-game cutscene has a first-person shot of the island slowly appearing thorough a cloudbank, but I wasn't able to capture it in the

This is the end of the intro movie. Everything from here on in is done in the same talking heads dialog style that the rest of the game uses. I'll stop commenting for a bit
and let the characters introduce themselves.

After events like that, the game will inform you of how the characters were affected. In this case, we found some materials, but all of our characters were significantly
depressed by the events of the day.

This message at the end of the intro is the start of the in-game tutorial, which walks you through the first half of Day 1. Due to the length of this segment, Day 1 will
continue on the next post. Before then, lets take a look at what we have to work with.

These shots show us the different portions of our campsite. Right now, all of the characters are situated at the "campfire", but they can be moved to different locations to
assign them to perform different tasks. The camp is a bit empty now, but as we unlock new tasks, different items will appear around the campsite for us to use. Before we
start assigning people to tasks, we need to know what they are capable of.

This screen shows us the general status of our castaways. Right now, all of them are in top condition, except for the depression that we received from the introduction. As
these conditions increase, the character starts to recieve various penalties to their skills. Not only that, but high levels in some conditions can cause other conditions to
rise each day (you would start to get depressed too if you were half dead from sickness). If any of these stats reach 100%, it's permadeath time for that character. I will cover the specifics of each condition as they come up in the game.

Here is the skill screen for the group. Most of the skills are directly related to the different daily tasks, with higher skills giving better results. The main exceptions
are the Strength, Agility, Constitution, and Intelligence skills.

Str, Agi, Con, and Int each affects the amount of fatigue gained each day from the different tasks. Intelligence also determines how many skillpoints the character gains each level, and Constitution affects how fast you recover from fatigue.

The green arrows next to the discussion skill show that each character gained some skill XP from the introductory conversation. With enough skill XP, the character will gain
another point in the skill, and after enough skill increases, the character will level up.

Skills go from 1-100, and are slightly randomized for each playthrough. The skills of each character do line up with the dialog from the introductions, with Dr. Winters
having high Medicine, and Bob having a high fishing skill.

The little photo icons by everyone's portraits allow you to see more detailed information about each person:

Alejandro has two positive traits that we know about, and three that are unknown to us. Open Book causes his traits to be revealed 2x faster, and Family Farmer causes his
Harvesting skill to level up 2x faster. The traits assigned to each person are randomized each playthrough, just to make things interesting.

The second screen shows how Al feels about everyone else. Characters who like each other perform better when working together on a task. From his screen, you can see that
Al has average feelings about everyone but Jacob.

Illyana has the same Open Book trait, but also has the Sunny trait, which causes her depression to drop by 1-5 points each night. Illyana really likes her father, but
dislikes Jacob and her stepmother.

Jacob has Handyman and Hunter, which increases his skill gains in the Crafting and Hunting skills. Jacob tolerates Alice, but distrusts everyone else.

Winters has Gymnast and Gym Guru, which increase the gains in Agility and Physical skills. Winters has average feelings about everyone but Jacob.

Yuri has Strong Metabolism, which decreases his rate of sickness game by 40%, and our first negative trait of Secretive. Secretive slows the rate of traits being revealed by
50%. He loves his daughter, but is rather ambivalent about his wife.

Julia has Thief, which increases the gain of the stealth skill by 2x, and Lazy, which increases fatigue gains by 50%. She suspects her husband and everyone else, but has
especially dire feeling toward her stepdaughter.

Bob has Fishing Hobby (Fishing skill rate 2x) and Hates Sports (Physical skill rate .5x). He has a loving relationship with his wife.

Alice has Hiking Fan (Exploration Skill rate 2x) and Bulimic (Hunger drops less when given food items). She loves her husband, and likes everyone else (even Jacob!)

Stay tuned for next time, where I will take us through the first part of the tutorial and then let you vote on what we do for the second half of the day.