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Dead in Bermuda

by Delvio

Part 3: Day 1 - Afternoon and Night

Day 1 – Continued

When we last left off, we were about to have Julia search the harmless-looking crate on the beach.

Julia stealthily approaches the crate and...

Huh. I guess it was just a crate after all. Let's see what is inside this crate.

We find two cups of waterlogged coffee.

Next we have one package of spices. We can give these spices to a castaway to give them a permanant +5 to their cooking skill.

And finally, two medicinal herbs. Each medicinal herb can remove three points of sickness from a person.

Now that the crate is empty, we can have Yuri come and break it up.

That is not a good sign.

That's an even worse sign!

Well, at least it looks like the snake wasn't poisonous. Yuri got off with 10% injury.

Injury – Injury is one of the hardest things to cure, but it is also the rarest hazard. The main way that you gain injury is by monster attacks from Jungle events. You also gain a small amount of injury if you perform strenuous tasks when too badly injured. The 1.02 patch greatly increased the amount of damage that monsters do. Prior to the patch, Yuri would have only gotten about 3-5% injury from that attack.

We did get a good amount of materials from the crate (along with the standard fatigue). Nails are another one of the structure crafting goods we will use later on.

The game demand we make water before moving on, so we will make a quick pitstop before moving on with the game.

This barrel contains the lifeblood of our colony.

Right now, we have five days worth of water in here.

Changing fruit into water takes no time and does not require any character skills. I am not sure why the fruit loses all its nutrition when you juice it, but it will not restore any hunger now. Since fruit is non-perishable, there is no real reason to juice fruit if you have plenty of water.

Now that we are done with that, we need to use the campfire. Yuri is depressed, and Julia has a bit of extra fatigue from searching the crate, so I move both of them over there offscreen.

The next task is to use some of the coffee we found.

By clicking on Jacob, we get this ring menu. Due to his low Int. Score, Jacob has taken a good bit of fatigue from researching. He also has a single diget Discussion score, so campfire chats will not work very well on his depression, so we will let him have the coffee.

To do that, we bring up his item menu. We can give him any of the items we have found, and it will not take any time. This means that you are free to use as many items as you want on as many people as you want.

Yes, this means that you can bring a man back from the brink of death by giving him enough coffee, but any college student with early morning classes could tell you that.

It looks like we may have sequence broken a little bit with the tutorial.

One quick trip to the empty beach, and we are back on track. The last part of the tutorial is to end the day.

Here are the results of the Crafting and Research. The research will be done tomorrow morning, but Al & Bob will not finish until nightfall.

Yuri and Julia both bond over their salvage expedition, losing depression and fatigue, and getting a good boost in their relationship.

The explorers complete another square of the map, and have a fun time doing it. (I forgot to switch their destination to the southern square, so they randomly chose the other square instead). Alice also gained a point of Constitution from all the hiking.

Once all the afternoon results are in, we automatically switch to our dinnertime chat. I will stop commenting and let them speak for themselves.

Now that they are through, we can get on with business.

The game conveniently shows us their hunger values onscreen so that we can decide who feasts and who goes to bed without their supper. In our case, we have more than enough food for everyone, so I give everyone one of our meals.

We got lucky with our rolls, and we manage to eliminate all our hunger with one item each.

You also get a handy reminder at the end of the day with a summary of camp conditions.

At dawn, we get the final task for the tutorial. Before we finish up the tutorial, let's see what Alice and Winter found on the beach yesterday.

Just an old fishing basket. I wonder why they didn't just bring it back with them.

I suppose hauling that through the hot jungle would not be the best idea.

The only option we have is to search the basket, so we need to decide who does it.

Here are the stats for the tasks and the crew at the start of the day. We only have one location to explore in the jungle, so our choices for the day are:

Who searches the fishing net?
Should anyone chat, or do we all keep working their tasks?
Do we search the plane in both the morning and afternoon or do we save some of the searches for tomorrow?
Do we give the spices to anyone to raise their cooking skill, or should we save it for now?