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Part 41: Day 39 - Don't go chasing waterfalls

Day 39 – Don't go chasing waterfalls

I check our stations, and the library and gathering tools are getting worn down. I spend 2 rope on the gathering station to get it back in shape, but Illyana is so close to discovering the final research item that it is not worth it.

AM Tasks

Winters & Yuri – Chat

Illyana – Research (Result – 68% completed)

Al – Scavenge randomly (Result – 3x wood, 1 rope, 1 herb)

Jacob & Bob – Fish (Result –

That should be enough to tide us over for today.

Alice & Julia – I want to find Athena ASAP, so I send them to explore a new patch in the east, instead of the partially explored central beach location (Result – 64% explored)

PM Tasks

Illyana – Research (Result – 78% completed)

Yuri – Cook (Result – 6x fish become 6x tasty meals)

Jacob & Bob – Fish (Result – 5x fish)

I didn't actually mean for them to go fishing, but I forgot to move them to a different station (and also forgot the screenshot). It did work out well though, so we will have a head-start on tomorrow's dinner.

Al & Winters – Scavenge wood (Result – 10x wood)

Alice & Julia – Explore (Result – found a waterfall)

It seems to be a bit oddly-colored, but Julia has probably worked up a thirst with all that exploring.

It shows quite a few different maluses on the character select screen, so hopefully this will reduce her injury stat.

I do not get any messages after this, so I do not know if anything actually changed with Julia.

Since nothing bad seems to happened to her, lets gather some up and take it back to the others.

Ten units of water is roughly three fruits worth, so this does save us a bit of gathering time.


That seems rather ominous. Hopefully nothing comes of this.

Current Status:

I don't see any real change on Julia's stats, so I guess the waterfall was either just flavor text, or it tried to reduce her sickness (which has been at zero for quite some time).

Current Goals:

We have finally gotten enough wood for the infirmary, so now we just need to get the stone and rope before all of it gets used up in the fire.

We also have access to quite a few jungle spots spots on the eastern side of the island, so we have plenty of prime Athena hunting spots to choose from.

Current Jobs-
Scavenge the Plane (1 person max)
Harvesting fruit (2 people max)
Craft (2 people max)
Research (2 people max)
Rest (3 people max)
Chat (no max)
Explore (3 people max)
Scavenging Wood/Rope/Stone/Herbs (2 people max)
Fishing (2 people max)
Hunting (2 people max)
Cook (1 person max)

Current Items-
Toolbox (+5 Crafting)
Psychology magazine (+5 Discussion)
Fishing Bait (+5 Fishing)
Spices (+5 Cooking)
1x Coffee (-10% Fatigue & Depression)
1x Medicinal Herbs (-3% Sickness)
1x Painkillers (-20% Injury)
3x Chocolate (-20% Depression)
2x Ancient Knowledge (+1 to all Skills)
Miracle Potion (-10% to all Hazards)
101 Sudoku (+5 Intelligence)
1x First Aid Mag. (+5 Medicine)
Empty Bottle
2x Ginseng Juice (-20% Fatigue)
3x Drugs – Cures sickness, but cannot use without the proper tech
Smelly Cheese (-20% Hunger, + 10% Sickness)
3x Bandage - Cures injury, but cannot use without the proper tech
2x Rum (+/-10% Hunger, Sickness, & Depression)
10x Soy Sprouts (decrease hunger from 1-5%)
3x Dried Meals (decrease hunger from 10-15%)
Healing Water (-20% sickness)
1x Cursed Fiance Ring (-20% Fatigue, + 10% Depression)
3x Fire crystal (-20% to all negative states)
3x Pirate Grog (-20% injury, +10% hunger)
Decoy (+5 Hunting)
4x Skull (???)
4x Happy mushrooms (-20% depression, +10% sickness)
Binoculars (+5 Exploration)
Camouflage Cloak (+5 stealth)
Misc crafting materials