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Part 43: Day 41 - Karma

Day 41 – Karma

Illyana still has her level up from yesterday and she has quite a few points due to her high intelligence. Because the research is almost done, I will ignore her knowledge skill, and focus on getting her ready for her next job. I give her 7 constitution and 7 exploration so that she can help search the jungle for Athena and our next bit of the prophecy.

AM Tasks

Alice & Julia – Chat

Illyana – Research (Result – 92% completed)

Al & Winters – Scavenge rope (Result – 9x rope)

Jacob & Bob – Fish (Result –

Decent. We are still doing pretty good on hunger, so we will save the jungle events and the dried meat for another time.

Yuri – Explore (Result – found a hidden trap)

We have fish, fruit, dried meat, soy sprouts, and cheese, but we still cannot bait the trap. I think the only thing left is to try would be fresh meat. I don't think it would be worth sending someone off on a hunting trip just to try this out, so I think we will just take what we can from the trap.

Julia does not have very good scavenging, but she does have the highest stealth, so she will search it.

Even with her lowered stealth stats due to her maluses, she still gets through ok. Anyone else would still have a much lower chances of escaping injury.

Not an amazing haul, but it does get us a bit closer to making the infirmary.

PM Tasks

Jacob & Bob – Chat

Illyana – Research (Result – 96% completed)

Yuri – Cook (Result – 3x fish become 3x tasty meals)

Al & Winters – Scavenge rope (Result – 7x rope)

Alice & Julia – Explore (Result – 91% explored the next section of jungle)


I am not sure if this is because of something that he did in the past or something that he is planning on doing in the future, but I am going to chalk this one up to karma.

Current Status:

Jacob got pretty banged up, so we might not want to send him off hunting or into the jungle. He should be able to fish, so he should still be useful to keep around.

Current Goals:

Still no sign of Athena in the jungle. We have almost enough rope for the infirmary, and we may be able to collect some stone from jungle events, if I can remember where they are on the map.

Current Jobs-
Scavenge the Plane (1 person max)
Harvesting fruit (2 people max)
Craft (2 people max)
Research (2 people max)
Rest (3 people max)
Chat (no max)
Explore (3 people max)
Scavenging Wood/Rope/Stone/Herbs (2 people max)
Fishing (2 people max)
Hunting (2 people max)
Cook (1 person max)

Current Items-
Toolbox (+5 Crafting)
Psychology magazine (+5 Discussion)
Fishing Bait (+5 Fishing)
Spices (+5 Cooking)
1x Coffee (-10% Fatigue & Depression)
1x Medicinal Herbs (-3% Sickness)
1x Painkillers (-20% Injury)
3x Chocolate (-20% Depression)
2x Ancient Knowledge (+1 to all Skills)
Miracle Potion (-10% to all Hazards)
101 Sudoku (+5 Intelligence)
1x First Aid Mag. (+5 Medicine)
Empty Bottle
2x Ginseng Juice (-20% Fatigue)
3x Drugs – Cures sickness, but cannot use without the proper tech
Smelly Cheese (-20% Hunger, + 10% Sickness)
3x Bandage - Cures injury, but cannot use without the proper tech
2x Rum (+/-10% Hunger, Sickness, & Depression)
14x Soy Sprouts (decrease hunger from 1-5%)
3x Dried Meals (decrease hunger from 10-15%)
Healing Water (-20% sickness)
1x Cursed Fiance Ring (-20% Fatigue, + 10% Depression)
3x Fire crystal (-20% to all negative states)
3x Pirate Grog (-20% injury, +10% hunger)
Decoy (+5 Hunting)
4x Skull (???)
4x Happy mushrooms (-20% depression, +10% sickness)
Binoculars (+5 Exploration)
Camouflage Cloak (+5 stealth)
Misc crafting materials