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Part 66: Day 64 - Minor arcana

Day 64 – Minor Arcana

I decide to put all of Illyana's skillpoints into exploration, since Winters and Alice need to take the morning off. This way, Illyana will be able to help fill in for their absence.

AM Exploration

The location of the AM event.

It has been a while since we have had this event, so we might as well go for it.

Julia get a tiny bit of damage, and a couple more sprouts.

Julia gets even more banged up, and gets a little queasy from all that poison.

She does get enough plant matter to last us for a good while. The herbs will be useful for curing her sickness and the ropes will fix up our fishing and scavenging gear. The sprouts will just be tossed on the pile with the others.

PM Exploration

The location of the PM event. We have a 50-50 shot of this being the White Magician.

Someone this weird has to be a quest objective.

Our chosen one will go out to confront him.

And it seems we have a choice on our hands. It looks like we can choose one of the minor Tarot arcana here (although pentacles seems to be missing for some reason).

Since I picked Julia to be our chosen hero, I will let you guys choose her weapon of choice.


It looks like Jacob is trying to one-up Illyana on the food for friends game. Unfortunately, not only does he throw out his back again, but three of the eight steaks rot away before morning.

Crew Status:

Aside from Jacob's latest mishap, we are doing pretty good. Illyana is tired, and people are depressed, but that might not matter after the Beast battle.

We do need to choose what to pick from the White Magician. Will Julia pretend to be:

1. A fighter?
2. A mage?
3. Or a drunken master?

Island Status:

Most of the island is explored, and we found both the White Magician and the Beast cave, so I am not sure how much there is left to do on the island.

Current Jobs-
Scavenge the Plane (1 person max)
Harvesting fruit (2 people max)
Craft (2 people max)
Research (2 people max)
Rest (3 people max)
Chat (no max)
Explore (3 people max)
Scavenging Wood/Rope/Stone/Herbs (2 people max)
Fishing (2 people max)
Hunting (2 people max)
Cook (1 person max)
Infirmary (1 doctor, 1 wounded patient, 1 sick patient)

Current Items-
Toolbox (+5 Crafting)
Psychology magazine (+5 Discussion)
Fishing Bait (+5 Fishing)
Spices (+5 Cooking)
Coffee (-10% Fatigue & Depression)
6x Medicinal Herbs (-3% Sickness)
6x Painkillers (-20% Injury)
Chocolate (-20% Depression)
5x Ancient Knowledge (+1 to all Skills)
3x Miracle Potion (-10% to all Hazards)
101 Sudoku (+5 Intelligence)
First Aid Mag. (+5 Medicine)
Empty Bottle
3x Ginseng Juice (-20% Fatigue)
3x Drugs – Cures sickness, but cannot use without the proper tech
Smelly Cheese (-20% Hunger, + 10% Sickness)
1x Bandage - Cures injury, but cannot use without the proper tech
2x Rum (+/-10% Hunger, Sickness, & Depression)
27x Soy Sprouts (decrease hunger from 1-5%)
5x Dried Meals (decrease hunger from 10-15%)
Healing Water (-20% sickness)
1x Cursed Fiance Ring (-20% Fatigue, + 10% Depression)
6x Fire crystal (-20% to all negative states)
3x Pirate Grog (-20% injury, +10% hunger)
Decoy (+5 Hunting)
7x Skull (???)
4x Happy mushrooms (-20% depression, +10% sickness)
Binoculars (+5 Exploration)
Camouflage Cloak (+5 stealth)
Misc crafting materials