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Part 1: Episode 1 - Welcome to Blackreef

Episode 1!

As mentioned, this one does run a bit long to get through our intro, tutorials, and on-rails section. As such, it's a lot of soaking in the setting, getting used to the feel of various weapons, combat, sneaking, and trying everything out at least the once.

I'll likely include a list of weapons in the second post and my thoughts on them as I find a few more, but this surprisingly visceral game sure does make killin' weirdos on Time Island a lotta fun.

- Blackreef Island Map
- Tunnel System Map
- Updaam Map

- Aleksis Dorsey
- Charlie Montague
- Egor Serling
- Fia Zborowska
- Frank Spicer (see: 'Ramblin')
- Harriet Morse
- Julianna Blake
- Dr. Wenjie Evans

- Colt Watch