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Part 8: Bonus 1 - Karl's Bay Morning

Exploration Episode-ish!

This was not the sprawling walk about the Bay that I had imagined, apologies. Still, we didn't miss anything cutscene or plot - the cutscene that I ended last video on plays immediately after leaving the zone, but it made more sense to splice it in after the plot happenings, rather than have it pop up at this one.

I'm sure the frustration is writ plain on this video but! I should have everything that tripped me up here sorted out, so this shouldn't* be an ongoing issue.

- Karl's Bay

General Notes
- A Slapdash Invitation - Related to the smoking device/game in Updaam? That one might be a case of 'have to mess with the machinery in the morning and come back to Updaam at noon to see the results?
- KEEP OUT - Related to the fireworks for Updaam evening, and therefore possibly related to Frank's assassination lead
- Hey Garbage Guy - on the entrance to the Garbage Facility; hover text also suggested coming back in the afternoon to get in.
- Worry Not - Whoops. So I'm guessing leaving Amador up on the crane there lets him come back and unlock this at a later time.
- How well - Another of these with the same title as the last one we've found; I imagine they give hints to the Quiz game here in the Bay.
- Beer Goggles - the Eternalists like to party
- In The Weeds - the Haul-a-quin picture had a wheel in its hand; if I find the other parts and power it do I get the crank wheel?
- A Heckin Good Plan - There was an unreachable crashed plane out in the water; sounds like we can come back when there's more ice to help ourselves to some loot!

Dusty Storeroom/Beetlequeen's nest
- Lucky numbers, we love those
- Confirming Frank's slab in the garbage facility
- BQ Has or had planned for a secret room in the same building as Fathoms of Lament
- Contributing to the kickstarter-styled verbiage they're using elsewhere for the Eternalists, with tiered rewards
- We don't know Badger I don't think but BQ was looking to upgrade her living arrangements here