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Part 11: Episode 10 - Follow your Fun

Episode 10!

The complex is eerie quiet at night! I didn't get the chance to blow folks up quite as well as I might have wanted, accordingly. Does get us the Clean Sweep (kill everyone on a map) and Silent Disco (Kill all Visionaries on a map and leave without being spotted) tasks done, though, if you're playing along and want to pick those up.

Samovar posted:

The 4-pounder ain't a revolver!

It's not! It's a magazine-fed high caliber hinged-slide semi automatic! But something about its chunky design just triggers an aesthetic part of my brain that looks at a video game gun and goes "yup, that's The Revolver". I guess it has that boxy kind of design similar to some barrel arrangements of a MaTeBa Unica-6? Minus, importantly, the cylinder. Hmm.


- Should be our last one, unless there's a secret endgame map no one's told me about!

- Real Estate
- Sixty Second Minute, Wenjie
- Uncertainty
- Radial Fluctuations
- u kno
- Keys to an Enlightening First Day
- A Stopped Clock
- A Feature, Not A Bug