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Part 13: Episode 11 - Orgas-ma-tastic

Episode 11!
(still processing 4k; HD within ~15 minutes of post according to the YT estimate)

Zounds! My work moved my schedule forward by one day and I lost all concept of time! My bad. Still, here, we go and meet Frank in person for the first time! It definitely sounds like Colt and Frank have had a...complicated relationship. Shoot guns, listen to music, commit atrocities, smooch a little like bros forgetting about their demons. Just like stroking your beard.

- We're getting to Know Blackreef pretty well at this point, we're almost ready for THE YERHVA
- The Classiest Pass
- Am I a Joke to You?
- The Sixty-Second Minute: Frank Spicer
- Opportunity Knocked

And please note, I'm not being coy about Frank and Colt's relationship; I'm really glad to see some bi representation in media that isn't the sole defining feature of a given character, and I do think that mostly handling it with a line here or there or in your floating text is as explicitly queer as Arkane could have gotten without it feeling like they were angling sexuality to be their defining features (or, naturally, without the shittier parts of the internet raising a pointless but annoying ruckus about it.) I still don't know anything about Lila, whom I had assumed to be Colt's love interest when we found her picture on Colt's minicom, and I get the impression that Frank just sleeps around a lot.

Anyhow, just as exciting is that my very stupid compulsion to jump through giant letters paid off! That is so goddamn cool!