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Part 14: Episode 12 - And yet, I'm not dead

Episode 14 should be us getting our look at the party, to dip our toes into the castle and hopefully a good bit of rambling! But for now:

Episode 12!

Let's learn the importance of time, and how like the old bon mot along with the tide, they are not known for waiting. Fractured Image is interesting, naturally paint everywhere in there, but lots of moving parts and a fair bit of chaos as is expected!

- How the Jingle Jangles
- Baby's New Crib
- Neglected Note
- Turning the Screw
- On Dreams
- Sixty-Second Minute: Fia


The Constancy Automatic has the unique ability to continue firing during a reload, as each time you manually reload Colt replaces one of the two magazines, reloading half your ammo. Of note due to this the weapon does not have automatic reload points, you have to press R or whatever you've got the key bound to. With a power leech trinket on, this made a joke of the Fia throwdown as it chewed right through her havoc ability before she could put out any significant hurt.

I'm personally not a fan of it after running it around for a little while, but that could be my playstyle! I shy away from automatic weapons because I've got a lead finger and tend to run out of ammunition for them, and this one *encourages* that. I find myself running out of ammo with this gun alone more than all the other guns combined, which annoys me in the middle of a scrumble!

It is a goddamn gorgeous piece, though.