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Part 17: Bonus 3 - Golden Haul-a-Fugue

Bonus Episode 3!

I swear, every time I turn a corner in this game I find new things to distract me. That's a good thing! In this video we get a few loose ends tied up and it pays off in the form of DELICIOUS GOLD and also SLAB which is MORE KIND OF GRAYISH

We don't see two things on the video because of crashing and re-recording: One, the Collector is one hell of a fight if you do him face-to-face because of that bomb disposal suit he's wearing, and two: the trinket machine thing is *unbelievably tedious* to do the way I did. I ended up having to kill almost every damn person on the map to find enough passive residuum to try and get it that way, and it was sheer stubbornness that had me doing it. Don't so much recommend.

- The Sixty-Second Minute: Harriet Morse
- Bargaining Chips
- LIVE at Stony Bar
- The Threshold
- Masquerade for Two
- AEON Mission Assignment
- Dead and Gone