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Part 22: Episode 18 - Brains Liquified

Episode 18!

There's very little in this game stopping you from a lot of different and unique playstyles, which is super nice. Since we're just on a side trip to find a teensy bit of plot-critical information here, why not give a few different toys and trinkets a try? That's what they're there for, after all.

- Isolation
- Classified Information, Yasen Station

We're next time gonna be checking out Karl's Bay in the evening, I thiiink the one spot we haven't looked at yet - after that we're about a loop and a half from what I think is our murderous crescendo. I, a violent clown of a man, have a little something special planned for that part, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!

Osmosisch posted:

e: and as far as the HALPS puzzle goes, there's a note somewhere saying that sensors aren't the only tech tool that redirects the laser so yeah, there's a less suicidal way to get it :)

This game has a power of hindsight like few others, considering you can just go back and try things again differently without losing any progress. Still! There is a grim satisfaction in a brute force solution that works well.