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Part 23: Episode 19 - The Word King

Yeah, it's the most oddly satisfying feeling to hear 'oh, I didn't see <thing>', and this game is chock full of it. So far my favorite do nothing, it's just there to be there moment is the domino run with the landmine in Updaam afternoons. I'll still probably wrap the LP having missed a small bucket of things, but it's a fun game! It's worth playing and exploring yourselves, make no mistake about that.

Episode 19!

Karl's Bay is particularly jovial in the evening! It's a fun little place that Charlie's gotten his developer fingers all over.

- Code of Conduct. Not gonna lie, I could *feel* the cheap carpet fibers just stabbing into my skin looking at the coital center
- Never Forever

and, to prove I wasn't crazy when I said "did you see that purple thing" in the video, I checked frame by frame and sure enough, small harmless glitch:

So! Next video we're gonna do one last run-around before we really sink our teeth into getting Wenjie sorted and set up the FINAL LOOP. I want to get the Pact of Smoke, seeing as how it's one of the first leads I got and I haven't played with it yet, but any other leads or curiosities you want to check out?