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by CapitanGarlic

Part 32: Episode 25/Finale - Weirdest Deja Vu


A last few achievements and some missed dialogue/approaches, and we dive into the ending properly. To anyone who played it prior to Goldenloop where they changed the ending, what's different? I'd heard some general grumbles that the end wasn't satisfying, but no specifics, so I'm curious now.

We do get to see a good little closer there to send us on our merry way, though no real closure for the world itself, nor Julianna. That weird sting/teaser at the end does raise a bit of an eyebrow, buuut...well, it was a fun enough gig, I do hope they come back around and do something with it again (though with Redfall and all that nonsense, who's to say what their prospects are looking like now, oof).

One nice thing in the ending was that we did get to see all the heroes assembled together in one shot:

That's right: Colt, Pick, 2-Bit, and the Gimp, together at last. I'd be happy with the four of them teaming up to fight/cause crime, tell you what!

And...most importantly, thanks everyone. This has been my first go at doing a video LP, so I appreciate that you stuck it out despite a few rookie mistakes and technical issues along the way. I had a damn fun time putting it all together, so I hope you've enjoyed it also. I'm leaning towards doing another here before too long; I've been considering Blacktail, a first-person archery and magic game about Baba Yaga's origin story, for instance, if that sounds up anyone's alley. That's something to fuss about later, though; for now I'll enjoy a bit of time with the recording/editing portion of my weekly schedule opened up, so I can revel in non-productivity for a bit.