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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 1

Is that pronounced "Tih-meh-noyd" or "Time Noid"? Hmmm... Time Noid...


These are facts, and should not be questioned in any way.


As you can see, Tecmo has not given up on goofy names.

There isn't really a whole lot to say about this part. Although I must question the wisdom of throwing retractable spikes around your throne room.

While she goes to fetch her pet human, I can diddle around this menu screen. You can guess what each menu does fairly easily. First, let's see what the enemy data shows.

DAAR! DAAR is a happy little peasant living the happy farming life while happily married. He has never done anyone harm, and is generally a well-liked member of the community. So naturally, he must die a brutal death.

This is the castle map. Most of those icons show off the locations of special room-specific traps. We'll be getting into those more later. The yellow dots are doors.

Because then you might understand the plot.

This is our heroine, Millennia. I could have changed her name, but what else could you possibly name her? Kagero? Normanette? No, Millennia works just fine. She also looks suspiciously like Winona Rider.

Millennia is also mute. Expect many thrilling conversations to come.

All right, let's move on to the game mechanics.

Kagero scraps all the RPG aspects of the original Deception. This means no leveling up, and more importantly no healing items. Instead, Millennia will be able to use this silly crystal if she gets hurt too badly. Which won't happen too much. I Hope.

The entire trap system has been revamped, too. Now you can set up as many traps as you want, with no MP cost. Instead, you have a maximum of 1 of each trap type per room, and each trap has a charge time before it can be used.

And as a nifty addition to the series, you can set use traps in combinations, and in some cases throw in an environmental attack such as a fireplace, or giant pendulum swinging around for no good reason.


The latest trend in home decor: an electric chair thrown into the middle of a room.

"I can tell by seeing with my eyes. I am also a little hungry. I know this because my stomach is rumbling. My shirt is green."

You didn't really ask a yes or no question, but what the hell. Millennia will nod her head.

Daar the Slow stands in place, staring at Millennia setting up traps, waiting for her to call a Timenoid.

And here's the trap menu. You can change what traps you want to use on the fly. In this case, I'm going to put a bear trap under him, an arrow slit on the wall behind him, and a giant rock beside him.

Got 'im!

Ark is used to buy new traps and shit. You get ark by dropping good combos, getting the first attack, and generally being a good little sociopath.

And the combo finishes.

Eew his crotch is bleeding.

Well, that wasn't too hard. How about some stats?

Not bad for my first kill.

My first SPearing. I should frame that and put it on my wall.

Watch Chapter 1 without funny music or my hi-larious commentary

Next time: Desperate housewives and trap makings.