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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 11

This is a pretty boring chapter.

Oh fuck you. I don't want to play statue goalie anymore.


Blackword. I don't even have the strength to comment on these names anymore. They've sucked out my will to live.

Yeah, explain that Mr. Jackal. </

Your intuition must be a bomb detector.

All right, so it looks like today's slaughter has lined up. Let's check 'em out.

Jackal, the generic soldier.

Blackword, who will most likely hide in a corner waiting for death.

An old man. He's old!

And... what the? Why is a Timenoid mime here? And why is he a clone?

We'll ignore those questions and instead admire my nifty new magnet.


One rock later...

That was fun. I'm glad I rushed out to kill the old guy, instead of protecting the... oh shit.

Next time, I'll ignore the old guy and worry about not getting blown up.

The marionette project? Curious indeed. However, Millennia still has strangers to kill.

The video isn't anything special. It's just here for the sake of having a video, and as a documentation on my slow descent into madness. Google version / Backup

Not this time, anyway.

While Jackal dies, Shitty "Badass" Name Blackword mumbles to himself.

And just as predicted, he does nothing while I kill him.

AGH! It's like something out of a bad art film.

So Setha just flies around, dodging my traps and throwing balls of pain at Millennia.

And then he goes away. Saves me the trouble of trying to kill him, I suppose.

Next time:

'nuff said.