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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 12

The legend will never die.

A loving father who swings a giant hammer enters the castle in order to save his sick child. Why does that sound familiar?

Oh yeeeeeeah. Now I remember. Let's learn more about this family.

What a loving, happy bunch of people.

I can't wait to ruin them.

And big bad hammer man didn't enter alone!

I'd do anything to save a sick child. Just not yours.

Man, you don't even want to know what Millennia's mother wants.

Now that that's over, wasn't there some other guests to attend to?

Why yes there are!

Of course I'll play with you, little boy! I have some wonderful toys to show you.

Oh no you don't. You're not going anywhere!

Oh man this is so going to be taken down.
Dailymotion / Backup. Google video forthcoming, because it apparently takes more than 6 hours to process a minute long video.

Hey Thoma what's wrong, why haven't you left yet?

Oh, that's why.

It's a little hard to tell, but the kid's flying behind the Ark total.

Oh hey, he landed on his feet. Maybe he survived.

Or maybe not...

Now that Cynthia's watched her son die in front of her, it's time for Millennia to complete the set.

Man, they got some good air from that giant ball.

And she managed to get back up too! Maybe it's a family trait.

They can't hear you now. Nobody can hear you.

That was delightful.

Next time on Child Murder Simulator: More child murder! Simulated!