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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 14

Like children? They're small. And sacrificed.

Hey look, it's Raziel! And he's grown an impressive rack.

He became a better fighter by getting married. I'd make a joke, but spousal abuse is no laughing matter

Body has been bound to the Soul Reaver after suffering a betrayal by Kain.

I suppose that was meant to be Enslaver. Unless enscaving is some kind of weird circus act.

JESUS CHRIST! How am I supposed to kill something like that?!

And what's a Deception game without meeting someone from the KKK.

Not that I intend to use it, but I bought a land mine to upgrade my other trap choices.

And so, Millennia begins cleaning house using as many rocks as she can carry. Googletized / Backup

Well, if you insist!

Good question! Let's find out...


And the other guy did the coward thing. Everyone in this game seems to either hide in a corner or charge at me with super death moves. There's no in between.

You didn't do too well, yourself.

FUCK! The jerk ran right past Millenia and focused on the statue. I'm doomed.


And so, not having to worry about the bomb, Millennia kills the Grand Wizard at her leisure.

Oh god oh god oh god oh jesus I don't wanna fight that thing oh god

Okay, the slaver's gone. Maybe now that he's freed, the giant will just go home.

Guess not.

Luckily, even the mighty Barbalos is stopped by Millennia's big-ass rocks.


If you read between the lines, you learn that they're after something in the Timenoid ruins.

Next time on Kagero: Buddhists and more child cameos.