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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 18

Do you like pale, transgendered, giant atom-throwing ghost mimes? Like longwinded speeches? Then you'll love this chapter!

I don't

So they're basically the same as that one guy who whupped my ass then ran away. Only they won't run away... And they're replicas instead of clones.

I guess this is the Timenoid's way of firing Millennia. What's she going to do now?

That could work. Das Google

We could avoid accidents like this if somebody up at TMD staff let these guys in on things.

But no, instead I have to kill him. Funny how they bleed blue, though.

Some ruins?

Here lies Colonel Harland Timenoid and his kentucky fried shadows.

I'd think it would be pretty cool, actually.

Weird. This guy has some glowy orb following him around.

What the hell just happened?

No, not that. A woman just exploded from him.

This in no way explains why she was a flying atomic orb thing. Maybe killing her will provide me with some answers.


And here I thought they actually got a decent translator this time.

But that's not the end here, folks! Cap'n Keith has a speech to give.

The townsfolk look so lifelike and animated.

Ignore that remark. It has no relevance to the plot whatsoever.

I didn't really notice it before, but Keith's suit appears to be made entirely out of belts.

You mean the scrolling intro at the beginning was a lie?!


Things change a little if you manage to keep people from escaping with the grail, which I didn't do. I'm not gonna show all that, because that would waste waaay too much of my time just to get a few different enemies. Besides, who cares enough about this paper-thin plot to see it from every angle, anyway?

At any rate, we'll get the Timenoid's reaction next update.