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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 19

Keep in mind that Cap'n Keith told them how the Timenoids became immortal. They townsfolk want the TMD to kill other people so they can become blue, glowy assholes.

"Hey! You guards there! You guys are evil!"
"Egads, you're right!"

That's rather silly logic. Besides, they could make a cardboard Keith cutout and just have some guy stand behind it shouting out pre-written scripts. Considering how stupid everyone in the game has been so far, I think it'd work.

Yeah, fine. Stick a teenage girl all alone in your sacred holy grounds, where all your secrets are left out on a piece of rock, then make it so she can only attack trespassers with a small handful of traps that she has to buy herself and blame HER if something goes wrong. You guys are dicks.

Hold on, why do they even want to use humans to do this in the first place? I give up. I'm not going to bother questioning this ridiculous fucking story any more.

Spartus, huh? I could make a Sparta joke, or I could make a Spartacus joke. I will do neither.


Naturally, they're gonna fail.

These guys are in for a treat.

I bought an upgraded spring floor. Now I can send people flying around like fleshy missiles.

And so, the Goddess(?!) proceeds to kill everyone in the room. Watch it here / Backup or here

Gypsy guy was thrown into the false ceiling room, and crushed into a fine mist. Not a fun death from a viewer's point of view, since to watch it in action you have to let yourself get crushed too.

And Gina goes into the smashy room too. I'm freeing them from life

All that's left is Bossgun and his bossy gunny bombs that I loathe so much, and the walking death tank.

I'll never get tired of that.

Hoorah! He's dead.

And the monster-man gets flung into a lava pit. Because he is about as tough as a Resident Evil bad guy, he walks out with barely a scratch.

The rock, though. That got him.

Tune in next time on Kagero, when we ask the question: Why did they use Millennia when they have giant robots?