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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 2

All right, so killing DAAR gave me a bunch of Ark, which means I can start developing traps. In the first game, you earned new traps by leveling up or buying newer versions. This time, you unlock new trap types by buying different traps. In this case, I'm going to buy a Heavy Claw and Confuse Gas. Like so:

Those two traps combined unlocked Cold Claw and Evil Breath, which I can't afford now.

And on these screens, I'm able to choose what traps I want to use for this round. You have a maximum of 3 traps per type. This isn't an issue right now, since I don't even have 9 traps to begin with.

I missed you, little chapter pages.

"I want you to go back to Guns N' Roses. Velvet Revolver is kinda lame, man."

Who mentioned a castle?

Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease let her come I want to kill more helpless morons.


Millennia waves happily.


Man, how the hell do these people always know when I'm lying? People in these towns have some kind of freaky built-in polygraph.

Oh shit here he comes. RUN, MILLENNIA!

There are my traps. Now I just have to get the girl to lead Slash around the other side of the stairs, and...


Hey Slash, ever seen Raiders of the Lost Ark?

I'm sorry, that was mean of me. Let me help you up.

Whoops, my finger slipped

Oh drat! There it goes again.

Not bad. I could have done better, but not bad.

Will Lilia find the help she needs? Will she stop sending men to her death? Answers to this and more next time!

Next time on Kagero: Lilia finds some help.