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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 20

In his youth, King Eclypse was a member of an immortal hip-hop group called Run TMD.

So, what? You're sending more of those floaty mimes after Millennia?

Oh jesus it's a robot. It's a good thing I stopped caring about all the anachronisms and plot holes in this game, or else fighting giant robots would give me an aneurysm.

I've been saving up! So now Millennia has a whole bunch of new toys to show off on the robot.

Of course she isn't. All Millennia has to do all day is kill strangers who walk into this empty castle. You guys didn't even leave her a magazine.

Nnnno, I'm pretty sure that's you guys.

ARGH! ROBOT! I lied when I said I stopped caring. It's a fucking robot! A casual observer may be able to overlook something like the bombers, but this? This is just going too far. I mean, what's next? Tanks? Timecops? Spaceships? The Timenoids managed to build robots, but I have yet to see one bathroom in any of these castles.

... ok, Swoon. Relax. It's just a game. It's a game in a medieval setting except for the bombs and giant robots equipped with lasers, but still just a game. Breathe... Good. All right. I think I'm better now.

Luckily, Deceased Crab suggested the happiest music ever for this video, so I can just listen to it and go to my happy place. The happy place where robots cease to exist. Google version / Backup

As he's a giant robot, magnets work well.

However, the buzzsaw counts as an arrow so he caught it behind his back like it were a frisbee.

But this frisbee has some nasty recoil.

With the buzzsaws failing, Millennia decides to keep tossing the bot into the firepit until he stops moving.

That's... that's not exactly the reaction I was expecting from a death machine.

ANOTHER ONE?! Oh fuck this. I'm gonna kill En Vogue before he can make any more of these things.

Hey look at that, he has the wussy AI set! This should be over quickly.

I love those saws.

She just killed a giant, laser-equipped robot designed only to kill. I think humans are the least of Millennia's worries. Speaking of which...

There aren't many options for robots, due to their nigh-invincibility and those horrible laserbeams they fire. So he gets rocks, rocks, and more rocks.

Is it wrong that I feel bad about killing those guys? I was full of glee when I murdered some sick children, yet once I killed the robots I felt a little guilty.

Whu-oh. Trouble's a'brewin'

Next time: Millennia kills the king?