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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 21

You know what happens when you procrastinate? You make a pro out of crast in ate. Wait, that doesn't make any sense. Let me try again.

Doooon't youuuuu believe it!

Hehe vv

Oh, you flatterer.

"and that's why we're going to try killing her instead of a handful of soldiers!"

Time to prepare for the EPIC BATTLE!

So he's practically invincible. This is not a good start.

A healer who appears to be able to cast painful spells and is also a giant.

Some fodder.

He did this on the hit VH1 series, "I Love The Elements"

That's great. Who's Laria?

LOONGEAR! WHY!? God, and he comes from a long line of Loongears. Maybe it's a family curse.

Let's get ready to rumble! This video is probably my favourite, just because of all the flinging I did. Google / Backup.

No you don't! You can just walk away. Please just walk away.

They didn't walk away. I guess this leaves Millennia no choice but to throw them into walls.

Whatever you say, dude.


"Oh my god! Are you all right? Let me help you up."

"It's okay, man. Come on, we'll just walk it off."

This is what you get for helping people.

And for having one of the dumbest names in a game full of stupid names.

Now for the old guy he was helping...

Yes. Yes they did.

I'm never going to get tired of that.

Poor sap. Anyway, let's check up on the Timenoids.


What's the matter? Chicken? Little babby TMD afraid the girl's gonna murder him?


I find it rather amusing that they call her a traitor when all she's ever done was follow orders and defend herself.
Oh well!

That guy was a huge pain in the ass and I was too busy running a lot to get any good captures of his eventual death.

More hot hot flinging action!

And I mean HOT! It's a pun, you see.

Yeah, I don't blame you.

SWEET MAMMY IN HEAVEN WILL YOU LOOK AT THOSE STATS! This guy's ready to ruin my shit.

Maybe just a little.

It took a huge pounding, but eventually he stopped getting up.

And with that, Millennia single-handedly wiped out the Timenoid race.

The end!

Next time- wait, next time? You mean I still have several more chapters to do?! ARGH!