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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 22

Looks like Millennia's going to have to kill every single person on Earth before the game ends. Let's just get this over with.

He has 3 different hiding places! He could be anywhere!

For those not paying attention: Someone's going to kill the King.

Boy, are they in for a surprise!

What kind of self-respecting ninja dresses in light purple? Maybe he works for Prince.

Two more stunning traps for all my comboing needs.

I think they're after an exit.

That's not the exit.

She sure did! You wouldn't believe how many times she had to throw him into a wall, too.

Yes, this teenage girl single-handedly killed the entire remnants of the Timenoid army. Why is that so hard to believe?!

Well, this looks like an easy chapter. I don't have to do anything but

Aw man.

Guess not. And so, we will watch the lonely death of Lombard here or here.

There's a very good reason I used the lift floor at that spot.

It shoved him into a very strong fan that only seems to be there for decorative purposes.

Next comes my favourite trap.

And one more time for good measure.

Suicidal, ain't he?

This guy, I have no idea about. Purple Ninja fell into an oil pit and it was somehow enough to kill him.

And her death came from randomly shooting arrows while running around to avoid her teleporting shtick. But hey, it's less effort than killing the Timenoids.

And next time, Millennia finally gets to confront THE LEGENDARY CAPTAIN KEITH!.