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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 24

Throughout this whole ordeal, there was one Timenoid I conveniently forgot all about.

Millennia's adopted mommy!

I suppose not when your castle is so incredibly tiny.

See Yocal, this is why normal people don't announce their plans out loud.

From the looks of it, Millennia's going to fight a bunch of crappy knights who underestimate her. Thank god, this is going to be an easy chapter.

Of course, this means they'll all be caught off-guard.

What priest? The priest.

Killrain. Oh boy, here come the stupid names. I don't see how they can top Killrain.

OH COME ON! Killord?! Who's next? Killblood? McKill? Killbone? Killkill? They must be picking names by playing madlibs.

At any rate, Millennia has some knights to slaughter. So let's watch her slaughter. here or here.

Oh no they have her pinned in a 3-dimensional environment! What will she do?!

What else would she do? Not like she can negotiate with them.

Even he can't believe his name.

Blah blah blah laser arrow

Yakkity shmakkity rock

Yap yap yap fatherless children

No way! I don't believe it!

Blahity blah blah crushed to death

Oh right, she's supposed to be around here too.

She bathes in human blood to keep her skin tight.

To give her presents? To thank her for killing the king? To tell her about her tragic past?

... Oh.

I guess I'd better finish exterminating the Timenoid race, then.

Good luck with what? I don't know.

Next time: The final chapter? I hope so. God, I hope so.