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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 26


If Millennia lets someone from Keith's team escape with the grail, but kills Keith instead of running away with him, this happens after the fight with Yocal:

Do you understand what this means? That's right, Yocal was the creepy clown!

... Even though you spent a good chunk of that life killing humans. Hey, whatever. That's not the least-sensical thing I've heard in this game.

A normal person would show some kind of emotion or slight facial change. But Millennia? She's just

That sure is a pretty view, isn't it Millennia?


If Millennia was a good little marionette, and made sure nobody escaped with the grail but still managed to let at least one person slip away, she'll fight The King and his party in the last chapter. Why? Because... uh, because.

Millennia! You've just won a million dollars and a puppy!

Millennia! You have somehow contracted both Ebola and AIDS! And they're necrotizing!

And somehow that involves kidnapping children and raising them to brutally slaughter innocent strangers.

Are you some kind of moron?

Nope! But I'm sure interested in finding out.

Hee hee! Just picture the entire game as if the Timenoids were sleepy sheep.

Hee hee hee hee! Oh, sorry. I was still thinking about the sheep. They're so sleepy!