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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 3

This woman sure likes sending people off to get killed.

Hawk. Hawk and Slash. I think that these guys aren't actually warriors, but part of a really gimmicky metal band.

They jump straight from the cutscene to Millennia without any sort of warning, letting them run to me before I get my bearings.

I didn't not kill him. vv

Millennia decides to run away from Zangeif's younger brother.

I wanted to send him flying downstairs, but the bald bastard must have a huge center of gravity.

Well I would have if he actually fell down the stairs like I wanted.

No matter. I have Gaston caught now, so I can do some totally awesome combos

Oh god DAMN it.

Run away!

I have a very elaborate trap system set up for Hawk, here. All he has to do is walk towards me.

Instead, he decides to run into the electric chair.

But he still has a little health, so my totally kickass trap can still nab him.

...You dumbass.

Gaston, however, is less retarded and goes right where I want him to. Instead of into a very obvious electric chair. Twice.

BOOYA! You've gotta admit that was a pretty rad setup, right Gaston?

Well that was just mean.

So Millennia uses traps to kill people, because the Timenoids think that someone who can make hidden bombs, bear traps and giant spikey rocks all over their home is somehow safer than someone with a sword.

Being a Timenoid just sounds better and better, doesn't it?

Next time: Political intrigue and I start using videos. Whoo!