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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 1

Tecmo is so proud of the gameplay, that they included a bunch of special modes where you can just kill anonymous strangers over and over. We won't be doing that.

Watch the intro heeeere / Backup or heeeeeeeere. A girl avoids being kidnapped as a child, only to be kidnapped as a teenager.

The girl, her adopted family, and their kidnapper go meet the king.

Oh god he's going to rape her. I wish I was joking, but it seems like everyone in this game is a rapist, a sociopath, or both.

Now she's getting groped by Rumpelstiltskin. We're only six images into this game, and already I'm feeling icky

I'm afraid to ask what the usual treatment is.

That's not Rosetta. I have no idea why the game put a close-up on the wrong person.

She's much too old for the king's taste.

They really went the extra mile to give Rumplestiltskin here the creepiest face ever.

The whats?

And what the hell is the AUO? Automotive Union of Ohio? Why would car people be kidnapping children?

So I guess they're going to take them out back and cut off their heads or something.

... or, maybe not.

You're just going to stain the royal carpet this way.

"You'll never get me Lucky Charms now, boyo"


"...a plot device!"

"Did someone call for a stripper?"

Okay, Rumplestiltskin's growing on me. He's such an asshole that he'll barge into random people's houses just to give them a Tiger Knee.

And now we know how Reina and her disposable family ended up on that barge.

I... I don't think it counts as an invasion when it's just a couple of women and a little boy. Moreso when you force them to come.

This makes no fucking sense! Why in god's name would you decide the best way to declare war on some other country is to kidnap its weakest citizens in very small numbers?! What the sweet fuck does that accomplish!? I hate this plot already!

Are you using the bodies as materials? I don't care how bad that sounds, it would at least explain this whole kidnapping business a little.

Oh, of course! This teenage girl will be perfect for heavy slave labour.

Even Rumplestiltskin got tired of the stupid stupid backstory.

At least the queen seems to have a valid, if not SUPER MYSTERIOUS reason to be after Reina. Will we find out that reason next time? Probably not! But we will have plenty of TRAPs. So stay tuned!