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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 11

Hey, it's Darth Vader!

That's a little unusual.

You're on the drugs.

It's lines like these that start musical numbers.

Oh god please make them stop

And cousin to the Ku-No-Tasty sisters. I'm sorry, that was bad even for me.

When I saw "miner" I thought that, you know, he'd work in a mine. Not that he'd be setting land mines. It makes the Vader costume even stranger.

I almost feel sorry for someone so generic.

Did you say Loongears? Oh, no, wait. False alarm.

No Loongears here, either / Backup

No! It's mine! You give me your brooch.

Reina made this fun trap with her summon ring. Let's see it in action!

That is so rad.

Stop that! I quit the musical thing several images ago.

Generic guy didn't even get his death shown. He might as well have worn a red shirt.

I wonder where this trap's pointing at?

Why, it's pointing to a nice little furnace! With some incredibly out of place mine carts.

You... you sure did.

If that was your elite, you have bigger problems than Reina.

Oh no! Reina has never heard such a threat before!

It scares her so much, she turned into a little girl

"By the time I open my eyes, that posse had better be out of this room!"

I guess she saw him as a little girl, too.

Sure it can. Not like anything else in this game makes sense.

"Yeah, they kept saying 'Give me your brooch', or 'I want that stone', or 'Please don't kill me little girl'. What do you think it means?"

What could the stone be? What baddical things will the chaos emblem let me do? Will the story ever make sense? Answers to maybe a couple of these questions and more next time on Let's Play Deception III!