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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 13

This advice will go totally unheeded, as usual.


Like math!

In case you didn't understand that after how many times it was repeated over the last chapter.

Oh god I hope I don't get lyme disease.

What, is he The Hulk all of a sudden?

That's a big sword for a coward.

Playing around with my toys, I now have a new launchy thing and the jaws of death.

So let's watch them in action! / Backup Or here

"Look! I caught a dragon!"

"Look! I caught some lava!"

"Look..! I caught..."

I hate that room. Not once, but twice did I get hurt by a flying victim while trying to keep the door open.

And that stupid whore didn't help.

That's an embarrassing angle.

"What does that mean?"

Well, yeah, considering you just had your head caved in by a gigantic invisible rock.

HEY! You're a big jerk.

Shrugging off a large chandelier dropping right on top of him, Sirado decides to check out a shiny thing he saw near the wall.

The shiny thing wanted more personal space.

If I ever get sick of watching people fly like human missiles, I don't know what I'll do.

Finally, someone decides to act sensibly!

Naturally, the game can't reward NPCs who have rational actions.

And then he walks away, forgetting that he was supposed to bring in Reina way back in chapter 2. Tecmo wins again.

Oh boy, it's speech time!

"Couldn't you just, you know, go right up and kill him now?"

"Really? Where?"

Whoop. Join us next time for Reina & Albert's Excellent Adventure.