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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 15

Smiling is FORBIDDEN in Alendar.

"I'll kill you guys later, ok? I have a headache."

"Can't you speak English? Head. Ache. Me no wanty use TRAPPY, comprende?"

"Oh wait nevermind it's gone now."

So who am I killing today?

Dyer. Ironic name.

Some kind of jungle guy who learned how to use a crossbow somehow.

That sounds like the start of a children's song. Albatross, the Simple Swordsman.

JESUS CHRIST! That guy can't be human.

Another fucking goth. I hate the goths. It's one thing when they're taking pictures of them bleeding with too much eyeshadow on, it's another when they make my game go all black.

This man knows his flames, let me tell you.

I retooled the catapult to work automatically. This should make things fun.

So let's watch the fun! here or here

I said I'd never get tired of doing that, and by god I meant it.

It's not a trick, it's a TRAP!

Dogpile on the chandelier!

Aww, shucks.

Stupid Albert forgot to pay the electrical bill again.

Guess again!

NEVER get tired of it.

Serves you right, Gothy McNolight.

He answered a question nobody asked.

Oh, nevermind. He just answered that question in advance.

EEK! A polygon!

At this point, you have to wonder why those dozens and dozens of specialists weren't able to get the drop on Reina like this.

All right, goons! What should Reina choose?

Edit: Wow, that was a lot of votes to count up. However, I think GundamMaster87's vote edged it over to "No". And sorry Darth Betty, but you can't choose to kick her in the she-nuts.

"I wasn't asking you to keep up"
"No, I mean I can't keep up with what you were saying. The doctor said I'm a little slow"

Luckily for Reina, she suddenly transformed into a little girl and was able to run into a hole in the wall.

This is what you get for freebasing before an assignment.

The walls were starting to melt, and Cecilia knew this wasn't a good place to have a bad trip.

And now I can make TRAPs that go up! Lifteriffic!

Next time, we get more crazy warrior ladies who constantly hallucinate.