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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 16

You start singing 80's hair metal, and I will cut you.

Secret base! I hope it's a tree fort.

Of course they don't know about the stones. I mean it's not like they've sent at least a hundred people after Reina because she has one.

Dear Albert,
Please come visit me at my secret base to learn about the magic plot device stones. I won't tell you where the base is, so you know it isn't going to be an ambush. I hope you can find directions.


What a let down.

"You go look around this dangerous fort and check for ambushes. I'll be outside playing. If you get in trouble, try to play dead. If mercenaries are anything like bears, they'll lose interest if they think you're dead."

Hi Christina!

Man why do all the girls in this game gotta be crazy?

Blah blah blah who is after Reina this time?

My god, that's one ugly- hold on. Bolthead? I think we've hit our first stupid name!



Anyway, I guess it's video time. Fun with Bolthead / Backup

He managed to twirl his staff through the ground as he died.

His head bolted into the wall. Because that is part of his name, you see.

Oh, you're still here? Guess it's one more soul to feed my TRAP addiction.

What Christina doesn't know, is we secretly replaced her doormat with Folgers instant catapult. Let's see if she can tell the difference.

Well that was fun. She kept managing to heal herself, so I had to effectively kill her three times over.

And then she ran away.

"My wife. I bought her on the internet."

She was headed somewhere. You could say she was boltheaded.

What an ominous camera angle.

"I'm not! I just really, really like doors."

"Your door. I love it. Please give it to me."

What a bitch. I'm glad Reina refused to help her.

Princesses are the best assassins.

"I heard the best joke ever. What do you call a hundred Burganfadans at the bottom of a lake? A GOOD START! Hee hee hee!"
"That's a terrible joke."

" A good start... Hee hee... I should become a comedian."

This ring reduces a TRAP's charge time

Next time, by popular demand, we have more crazy bitches to fight! Because you can never get sick of fighting the same people with the same results over and over again.