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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 19

Forget about the stone!

Yeah, who cares about it?

Now go get the stone.

"The last one was just his grocery list followed by crude drawings of naked women."

That was confusing and pointless. Speaking of which, let's see how Reina's doing.

This is why you lock your doors, people.

"How dare you betray her with your treachery, you traitor!"

"Because I'm totally evil, if you haven't guessed it by now. I throw babies into woodchippers and drink what comes out. I kick blind men. I pay my bills using only pennies. I canceled Arrested Development. I vote Republican. I AM EVIL!"


"You got knocked THEFUCKOUT!"

"Couldn't we kill him first, in case he tries to catch you off guard?"
"No! MY plan! You go now!"

Yer a watchdog, Balboa. Yeh eat lightning and crap thunder!

Where do they get all these hulking giants?!

No matter, I have a big-ass saw to chop him up.

I'm getting kinda bored of using this castle by now. / Backup

I love the expander, I really do.

Hee hee. It looks almost like he was crucified. Man, now I wish there was a crucifix TRAP.

Seriously. Love the expander.

You should have thought about that before you left. <>

That goes double for you.

Cart ride!

"They would have grown old and died in only 50, 60 years! I was doing them a favor!"

Can we start talking sense now? Please?

Guess not.

Rumpelstiltskin knows we are watching, and wants us to admire his smug goblin face instead of watch Cupido use bullet time again.

Meanwhile, Albert and Reina do nothing while Rumpelstiltskin runs away. Everyone in this game is stupid and I hope they all die.

And guess what? Next time, they do even MORE stupid shit! I just can't wait!