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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 22


Plotting, scheming, maybe a little light adultery.

Don't try to think about why the king wouldn't control an area that his wife claimed. Don't try to think about the plot of the game at all. It can only end in tragedy.

I kinda feel sorry for this guy. His head is stuck between an axe and a guillotine.

Yes, don't send any guards. That would be too logical. Instead, use some prisoners and a politician.

Somebody's got a case of Stockholm Syndrome.

So who do I have to kill this time?

A gimp.

A villager? This late in the game? They're trying to waste my time.


What the hell is a slasher, anyway?

A FLAMEMAN! With father issues! Whoo, two Mega Man bosses so far. Maybe Dr. Wily will be next.

... Close enough.

That's a lot of enemies, which means a lot of video. / Backup

Reina adds it to her pile of curses.

I dropped a fucking ROOF on you! How are you not a blood-smeared pancake?

I guess I'm going to please the queen then.

This is the last chapter in the dark ruins, so let me tell you that I am going to miss this room.

"My name is Reina. "

I'm gonna miss that room, too.

Really? What's it look like? Is it a really cool flaming skull, or like a melting dragon face? Come on! Don't die before telling me! Stupid Deathmask.

I'm not falling for that again. <>

You know, there's a big guy with a claw who can tell you what your mask looks like. Or he would, but he's being snotty right now.

Dr. Wily never had to deal with closing walls and invisible boulders.

"Like how cattle are being mutilated by alien invaders, or that you can throw invisible psi balls if you center your chi. Anyway..."

Sadly, that wasn't the case. It turns out that the factory was full of carcinogens all along. This is why the industrial revolution was so important.

"Yes, but what is it?"
"It can extend your life"
"How? Tell me exactly how it can work."

"It has a life-prolonging effect."

Oh no, not another choice. I hate making choices.

Thus making every single trip to this place worthless!

Oh, I think everyone in this game is going to contribute to creating confusion.


Next time, we return to Castle Hades. Dun dun duuuuuuuuun